Lee Mack hits back to people who want him cancelled after Jill Scott joke

Gemma Thomas
Gemma Thomas
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Lee Mack faces backlash but defends his ‘risky’ NTAs quip

In a bold move, Lee Mack took the bull by the horns and addressed his TV critics who felt ‘offended’ by his recent jests. Lee stands his ground after facing a chorus of calls for his cancellation due to a cheeky on-stage quip about Jill Scott during the National Television Awards.

The celebrated Lioness and ‘I’m A Celebrity’ winner, Jill Scott, handed the 55-year-old well-known comedian his award. Seizing the moment, Lee remarked, “To receive a sex toy like this off Jill Scott is an absolute pleasure.” An utterance that set the cat among the pigeons for many of his at-home audience.

Lee Mack at thr National TV Awards (NTAs) 2023
Lee Mack explains his position as a comedian after NTA backlash

Opening up to The Sun following his accolade for ‘Best Quiz Game Show’ for ‘The 1% Club’, Lee candidly commented, “My job as a stand-up comedian is to take the mickey out of the contestants. I always strive to steer clear of being too cheesy. My aim? Simply to have a jolly good laugh.”

Drawing a parallel to his earlier days, he added, “Performing is much like a gig, particularly when it’s for a crowd of 100. That’s what most of my Edinburgh Fringe shows felt like back in the day. There’s an intimate feel to it, and the real beauty is that the live audience can take it. They’re always up for the banter.”

Jill Scott at the National TV Awards (NTAs) 2023
Jill Scott (right) was at the heart of the joke that saw many people ask for Lee Mack to be cancelled

However, following his risqué jest at the prestigious awards, laughter from the attendees filled the room. On the flip side, some armchair critics back at home didn’t find it quite as amusing.

Scouring the realm of the internet, it didn’t take long before the naysayers voiced their disapproval. One disgruntled viewer lamented, “Well Lee Mack is gonna get cancelled now.” Another joined the fray, noting, “Not sure @LeeMack did himself any favours there. Still a big fan of 1% club.” Yet another opined, “Watching Lee Mack trying to be funny is just painful.”

The stalwart comedian remains undeterred through thick and thin, and so he should do.

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