Trans activists are trying to stop Car Share from ever being aired again due to offensive joke

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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In a recent revelation, a Transgender activist forum on Facebook has ignited a discussion about Peter Kay‘s sitcom “Car Share”. The comments suggest it should never air again due to an offensive joke. The controversy revolves around a specific episode where a joke about a “closet transexual” has triggered heated conversations among activists.

A forum member expressed, “We should write to the BBC and get Car Share removed from BBC iPlayer and never be aired on TV again. The joke about the closet transexual is so offensive.” Another member concurred, stating, “Yes, spot on. We have to fight against jokes like this as we need people to be aware of the pain it causes us.”

Another member suggested, “If we got the show cancelled or at least the joke edited out, there would be a lot of media attention around it. Albeit, there will be backlash, but you have to piss off people on the way to educate them.”

Peter Kay's Car Share has come under fire from Trans Activisits
Car Share was a huge hit for Peter Kay over the Two series.

Peter Kay’s Car Share Controversy Reignite

This recent controversy echoes a 2018 incident involving Car Share. The uproar came from an episode that drew an accusation of an insensitive portrayal of a transgender woman. The sketch featured a letter read on the radio about a partner who liked to dress in women’s clothes and admitted to being a “closet transexual.”

The joke continued, suggesting the partner was attacked by a gang and ended up in a coma. This was followed by the suggestion that “he couldn’t outrun them in his high heels.” The sketch concluded with Gibson’s character making a callous remark about pulling the life support tubes out.

Back in 2018, the show faced severe backlash on social media. It resulted in viewers slating the sketch for making light of violence against trans individuals. Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell criticised the BBC for not addressing the issue seriously. Tatchell stated that the actress’s comment in the sketch was arguably more offensive than Peter Kay’s reaction.

The show drew criticism in 2018 over a transgender joke.

The recent forum discussion indicates that the controversy still lingers, with activists now calling for a ban on the entire show. The movement seems to have gained traction as the forum members find ways to bring attention to their cause. The group points to the need for awareness about the impact of such jokes.

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