Fast Show legend shares shockingly low BBC payslip

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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BBC comedian Charlie Higson recently turned heads on social media by revealing the surprisingly modest sum he earned from the iconic comedy sketch show, The Fast Show, being available on iPlayer. Higson, renowned for his role in the series alongside the likes of Paul Whitehouse, Simon Day, Mark Williams, and others, took to Twitter to share his earnings for April to December 2022, sparking varied reactions from fans and followers.

The Fast Show, a British television staple from 1994 to 1997, captured the hearts of audiences with its rapid-fire sketches and unforgettable characters. From the legendary catchphrase “Suit you, sir!” to the antics of characters like Ted and Ralph, Brilliant! and Dave Angel, Eco Warrior, the show epitomized British humour of the time. Its impact on pop culture extended far beyond its original run, with recurring specials and a recent tour marking its 30th anniversary.

Charlie Higson reveals shocking royalties he receives off classic sketch programme

Amidst cheers of nostalgia for The Fast Show’s return, Higson’s disclosure shed light on the stark reality of royalties in the age of streaming. His pay stub from BBC iPlayer revealed a meagre £18.84 for the specified period, prompting reactions ranging from amusement to concern among fans. One user quipped, “You could (just about) buy a pint and a packet of pork scratchings with that…”

Charlie Higson shared a photo of the royalties cheque from the BBC.

Higson, however, responded to the jests with characteristic wit, stating, “No, no. It’s mine! ALL MINE!!!!” His playful banter with fans showcased the enduring spirit of The Fast Show, where humour often thrived in the face of life’s absurdities.

Reflecting on the show’s enduring legacy, Higson mused about potential future projects involving the beloved characters. Ideas ranging from new formats akin to the Carry On films to stage performances were explored, demonstrating the cast’s enduring affection for their creations. As the final curtain fell on their recent stage tour, fans eagerly await what may come next from the minds behind The Fast Show.

Despite the modest royalties, The Fast Show’s impact on British comedy remains immeasurable. Its influence can be seen in subsequent shows such as Little Britain and The Catherine Tate Show, each owing a debt to the rapid-fire humor and eclectic characters pioneered by Higson and his fellow cast members.

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