13-year-old Michael McIntyre Was On Going Live and He Hasn’t Changed at All

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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A truly jarring moment in the history of the children’s television programme, Going Live, transpired during the guest appearance of the 80s pop sensation, Five Star.

The band graced the Saturday morning show to engage with their fans via call-ins. However, the routine took an unexpected turn when a particularly audacious caller broke decorum by unleashing an f-bomb directed at the group on air, prompting a swift disconnection. This incident sent shockwaves through the typically cheerful atmosphere of the show.

The caller, Eliot Fletcher, shouted the stars were ‘so f**king cr*p’.

Although this moment has become one of the show’s most memorable moments, it is lesser known that Michael McIntyre was in the studio.

Michael was just 13 then and is instantly recognisable with his typical floppy haircut.

His question for Five Star was far more polite compared to the caller before.

The future comedy star sat with the band and stumbled upon his words when he asked, “How many countries have you released records in?”

“All over the world,” the band replied. Michael responded with, “So there’s nowhere for you to go really, where you’re not famous?”

The interview of Michael with the band from 1989 emerged on BBC One on 26 October in the documentary, Kids TV: The Surprising Story.

Five Star eventually won an apology from the swearing phone caller 30 years after the incident.

The clip was posted on Twitter in 2019 and the band’s singer, Doris Pearson, responded with, ‘I wanna meet Eliot!! Twitter do your thing.’

Incredibly, Eliot was found due to the power of social media and he came forward admitting that he was indeed the cheeky young boy on the phone that morning.

Elliot responded with: ‘Hi Doris. Thank you and sorry. It’s great to hear you’re still performing.’

‘No apology necessary’, replied Doris and explained how the band was upset by his comments at the time.

Well, at least the group got their apology in the end and you, the reader, have also learned tonight that Michael McIntyre has not changed in appearance in over 30 years! The video of this clip is available and easy to find should you wish to view it.

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