5 reasons why Liverpool based soap Brookside should return to our screens

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Ah, the iconic Brookside Close! Many of us remember the groundbreaking scenes and unforgettable characters that made “Brookside” an essential part of British television. Since its departure from our screens in 2003, the soap world hasn’t quite been the same. But imagine, for a moment, the buzz of returning to those familiar terraced houses, the intertwined lives of its residents, and the compelling drama that “Brookside” consistently delivered. As we navigate an era of reboots and revivals, there are compelling reasons why this legendary soap should make a triumphant return. Let’s delve into the top five reasons why “Brookside” is primed for a modern-day comeback.

5. The Legacy of Groundbreaking Storylines

“Brookside”, during its initial run from 1982 to 2003, was renowned for tackling challenging and hard-hitting storylines that many other shows wouldn’t dare to touch. From the infamous body-under-the-patio plot to addressing social issues like homophobia, domestic abuse, and drug addiction, “Brookside” was a pioneer in many ways. In today’s evolving world, with so many new and critical issues coming to the forefront, there’s no doubt that a revived “Brookside” could continue to break boundaries and provoke essential conversations.

4. Diversity and Representation

Claire Sweeney, Louis Emerick, Michael Stark and Sue Jenkins hinted at a revival on Loose women back in 2018

One of the strengths of “Brookside” was its commitment to diversity. The show never shied away from presenting a range of characters from various socio-economic backgrounds, races, and orientations. Today, representation on television is more crucial than ever. Bringing back “Brookside” would provide an excellent platform to showcase even more diverse stories, mainly focusing on underrepresented communities.

3. A Trip Down Memory Lane

Let’s face it – there’s a sense of nostalgia associated with “Brookside” that longtime fans yearn for. The show was a staple for many British households during its 21-year run. Its return would not only cater to original fans eager to see where the characters are now but could also introduce the gritty drama of Brookside Close to a whole new generation.

2. Relevance in Today’s World

While “Brookside” was undeniably a product of its time, the core issues it dealt with – family dynamics, societal pressures, personal struggles – remain as relevant today. The world has changed in many ways since “Brookside” left our screens, with technological advancements, shifts in political landscapes, and new societal challenges. These developments provide a rich tapestry of material for a new series to explore, ensuring the show’s continued relevance.

1. The Power of British Soap Operas

A group of the cast reunited in 2022

British soaps like “Coronation Street”, “EastEnders”, and “Emmerdale” continue to command strong viewership, proving that there’s a sustained appetite for domestic dramas that mirror the realities of everyday life. “Brookside”, with its unique blend of drama and realism, could easily reclaim its position as one of the nation’s favourite soaps. Moreover, with the recent success of other series revivals and reboots, there’s a clear indication that audiences are open to revisiting beloved shows with fresh narratives.

So, to conclude, the return of “Brookside” would not only be a treat for fans of the original series but could offer a fresh and contemporary take on societal issues, making it a relevant and compelling watch for new viewers. Given the show’s legacy of pushing boundaries and sparking discussions, a revival could be just what today’s television landscape needs.

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