Absolute Radio reveals the shocking reason for dismissing Frank Skinner, fuelling calls for discrimination

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Absolute Radio bosses have finally lifted the lid on why they axed beloved presenter Frank Skinner from his long-standing show. The decision has ignited a fierce debate around age discrimination within the broadcasting industry.

According to insiders, the decision to part ways with the 67-year-old comedy icon was not fueled by ageism but rather by the pressing demands of cost-cutting measures at Bauer Media. This company oversees Absolute Radio and other stations, including Kiss, Magic, and Greatest Hits Radio.

A senior radio insider revealed, “Bauer is asking their stations to make cuts, sometimes as deep as 15 per cent. If you’re Absolute, Frank’s is a great show that they love having. But it’s probably expensive for once a week so dropping the contract allows them to keep the rest of the schedule relatively untouched.”

Skinner himself expressed his astonishment at the decision, stating, “I’m not going to pretend I took it… well.” This abrupt departure has left fans reeling, especially given Skinner’s long-standing presence on the airwaves. His weekend programme was a fixture on Absolute Radio for a remarkable 15 years.

Frank Skinner’s axing gets branded as an act of discrimination

The news has sparked accusations of age discrimination against Absolute Radio, particularly considering their target demographic of “reluctant adults” aged between 25 and 54. Skinner wryly remarked on his aging, quipping, “I realise that in recent times… I am ever more becoming Grandad from The Simpsons.”

Frank Skinner has hosted the show for 15 years.

The debate around ageism in the broadcasting world has been reignited by the decision. Furthermore, prominent figures like Tristam Fane Saunders from The Telegraph weighed in. Saunders noted, “There’s no reason a good broadcaster can’t keep going until they drop. Look at Tony Blackburn, or Melvyn Bragg.”

Social media has erupted with criticism directed at Absolute Radio, with one dismayed fan lamenting, “This has ruined my weekend. What a dreadful decision by @absoluteradio.” Another expressed concern over the replacement, saying, “Terrible news for a Saturday morning and can’t wait to see which impossibly young and ‘trendy’ broadcaster takes over.”

In light of the controversy, Skinner’s departure has left a void in the radio landscape. His wit, charm, and unmistakable voice have endeared him to audiences for over a decade. This has earned him accolades, such as induction into the Radio Academy Hall of Fame and three Radio Academy Gold Awards.

Despite this setback, Skinner remains undeterred, with industry insiders speculating on potential new opportunities for the seasoned broadcaster. With his sell-out stand-up tour underway and a well-established presence on platforms like Virgin Radio and BBC Radio 4, Skinner’s future in broadcasting seems far from uncertain.

The popular presenter also hosts a show on Radio 4 called “One Person Found This Helpful”.

As Absolute Radio deals with the fallout from its decision, the conversation around age discrimination goes on. Fans of Frank Skinner can only hope that his voice will soon find its way back onto the airwaves.

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