Alan Partridge is set for a shock return to our screens with brand new series

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Alan Partridge, the iconic British comedy character the talented Steve Coogan brought to life, is set to return to our screens. Coogan will reprise the role in a new mockumentary titled “And Did Those Feet … With Alan Partridge” (ADTFWAP), a series of six 30-minute episodes.

The show will follow Partridge’s journey as he reintegrates into the UK after working in Saudi Arabia for a year. Initially, it appears to be a simple homecoming story, but the narrative takes a twist, evolving into an exploration of the UK’s mental health issues. Sarah Monteith, the chief executive of the production company Baby Cow, expressed excitement about the return, stating that ADTFWAP promises to be an “uncompromising, state-of-the-nation piece” that the country needs.

Steve Coogan’s portrayal of Alan Partridge has been nothing short of iconic. The character, a parody of British television personalities, is a tactless and inept broadcaster with an inflated sense of celebrity. Since his debut in 1991, Partridge has become a huge hit, appearing in radio and television series, books, podcasts, and even a feature film.

Steve Coogan is reviving the character again, last seen on the BBC in 2019.

Coogan, renowned for his comedic brilliance, first played Alan Partridge in the BBC series “I’m Alan Partridge,” which concluded in 2002. The character returned to the small screen in “This Time With Alan Partridge,” where Partridge had the opportunity to co-host a fictional weekday magazine show. The success of these shows solidified Alan Partridge as the most iconic comedy character in the UK.

See the UK from Alan Partridge’s perspective in the new show.

Jon Petrie, the BBC director of comedy commissioning, admired Coogan and the writers Neil and Rob Gibbons, who continue to innovate and create a richer world for the character. He believes the new series will provide a stark look at the state of the UK through Alan’s unique perspective, adding brilliance to the Partridge canon.

This announcement comes after Steve Coogan hinted at Alan’s return during an appearance on the One Show, confirming that Alan would be back on the BBC early next year. Coogan, who jokingly described Alan as “an idiot,” acknowledged the character’s enduring popularity while hinting at the need to give him occasional breaks.

The journey of Alan Partridge has been a rollercoaster, from his memorable scene in “I’m Alan Partridge” pestering for a second series to his recent escapades in local radio on “Mid Morning Matters.” The character’s prime-time career faced a dramatic turn when the first series ended with an accidental shooting of a guest.

Despite the character’s periodic retirements, the demand for Alan Partridge remains strong. Steve Coogan’s ability to seamlessly step into the shoes of this beloved character and bring him back to life is a testament to his comedic genius.

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