You better accept Aldi’s new bag rule or the staff will not serve you!

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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According to reports from an Aldi insider, Aldi employees have received strict instructions to REFUSE service to customers who fail to comply with the supermarket’s new bag search policy.

A staff member has come forward, claiming that the recent introduction of the bag search policy has given security guards the authority to check customer bags. This newly introduced measure requires customers to allow Aldi employees to inspect the inside of their shopping bags to ensure they are empty whilst shopping.

If customers refuse these checks, the sale will be flatly refused. Although yet to be enforced in some stores, the Aldi insider warned that it’s only a matter of time before the policy is applied universally.

Shopping bags will be checked as part of a new policy

Furthermore, customers leaving the store can be stopped by security on suspicion of theft, adding another layer of scrutiny to the shopping experience.

Revelations about this policy first emerged in an Aldi Facebook Group post. A distressed Aldi worker posted, “New policy at Aldi, all empty shopping bags must be on the belt plus all shopping.” The worker also expressed that this newly enforced policy, which “came into force” last week, left them with an “awful feeling” when confronting customers.

Aldi’s official stance is that this is not a “national policy,” and the decision to enforce it is up to individual store management. It should be noted that the bag check policy is not a new concept, with reports of it being used at various Aldi stores dating back to May.

These measures have been enacted due to skyrocketing shoplifting rates in the wake of a severe cost of living crisis, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine which has seen food inflation reach a staggering 19.4% peak in March. Along with several other supermarket chains, Aldi has had to devise strategies to combat theft, from limiting items on shelves and adding more security tags to products to having customers scan receipts before leaving the store.

Shoplifting has been on the rise forcing Aldi to adopt new policy

The Aldi spokesperson clarified that the bag check policy is a temporary measure enacted in “some stores” and that these checks are conducted only with the consent of the shoppers. The spokesperson also highlighted that these checks are only undertaken on shopping bags and not on customers’ personal handbags.

Despite reassurances from Aldi, the policy has drawn mixed responses from the public, with some questioning the necessity and appropriateness of these measures. As we all navigate the precarious landscape of these difficult times, one thing is for sure – the next time you visit Aldi, be prepared to have your bags ready!

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