Antony responds after ex-partner abuse claims and is to be investigated by the police

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Antony, Manchester United’s Brazilian forward, has his say after serious abuse claims.

Manchester United’s player, Antony, who joined from Ajax last year, is now in a big scandal that has surprised the football world. Disturbing claims have surfaced suggesting the 23-year-old star allegedly attacked an ex-girlfriend not once but twice.

The lady in question, Gabriela Cavallin, has painted a grim picture of the events. She accuses Antony of headbutting and punching her in a Manchester hotel room. This alleged altercation, she says, left her with a wounded head and a compromised breast implant.

Antony Man Utd
Antony is in the spotlight after his ex-partner made serious allegations against him

Antony quickly spoke on Instagram. He said he didn’t do it and thanked his fans for their support. He also talked to the police. Because of this news, Brazil’s football team didn’t let him play in some important games.

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) are actively investigating the claims and stated, “Enquiries remain ongoing to establish the circumstances surrounding this report.”

Cavallin provided Brazilian website UOL with her story, alleged injury images, and claimed chat screenshots with Antony. She also alleges an incident in London where Antony reportedly threw a glass cup at her, injuring her.

Doing her due diligence, Cavallin has reported the incidents to both GMP and Sao Paulo Civil Police. As the plot thickens, UOL suggests they’ve obtained a video showcasing one of Cavallin’s injuries, which they’ve handed over to law enforcement.

Gabriela Cavallin, Antony's former partner
Antony’s former partner, Gabriela Cavallin, in an interview revealed the alleged abuse

A defiant Antony insists on his innocence, maintaining he’s been wrongfully accused and highlighting the immense stress this saga has brought upon his family. He remains hopeful, however, stating his belief that “justice will prevail”.

Further insights into the alleged events have emerged as Cavallin recounted her experiences. Recalling the January incident, she speaks of a violent clash over a past relationship, leading to injuries and treatment in Brazil. In May, she described Antony’s fit of rage and subsequent destructive behaviour.

Manchester United, the giants of English football, find themselves thrust into the spotlight amidst this maelstrom. As all eyes turn to them, awaiting a statement, only time will tell how this saga unfolds.

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