BBC Breakfast’s Naga Munchetty accuses Ralf Little of Agist remarks in awkward live interview moment

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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BBC Breakfast presenter Naga Munchetty was in an awkward exchange with Death in Paradise star Ralf Little, which left viewers in stitches.

The confrontation unfolded as Ralf Little, known for his role as DI Neville Parker on the popular crime drama, discussed his upcoming UK tour with co-star Will Mellor on the podcast Two Pints with Will and Ralf. As the conversation veered towards their longstanding friendship, Naga, 49, quizzed Ralf, 44, about the duration of their camaraderie, given their shared history on Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps.

We’ve always made each other laugh and we’ve always had that kind of ability to be silly and then serious, but, we got old,” Ralf remarked. Sensing an opportunity, Naga interjected, asking directly about Ralf’s age.

“I’m 44, just turned 44,” he responded.

Naga said, “So you’re younger than me, so you’re saying I’m old?”

Naga Munchetty questions age remarks.

Ralf, caught off guard, then replied:  “Er, well look old father time gets to us and Will I think is about… He’s just had a birthday and I think he’s about 56 now.” That is so not true,” quipped Naga. But the awkward conversation ended with laughter as Ralf replied: “No it’s not true but I’m going to make that fact now.”

Naga Munchetty has worked on the BBC Breakfast show since 2010.

This isn’t the first time Naga has injected some banter into the morning show. Just last week, she humorously teased her colleague Carol Kirkwood after a slip-up on air, jokingly dismissing her as Of no importance.”

Away from the spotlight, Naga Munchetty maintains a gruelling morning routine. Offering a glimpse into her lifestyle, she shared that she diligently prepares for her BBC Breakfast hosting duties by waking at 3.45am and squeezes in a gym session before hitting the studio. Her dedication to her work extends beyond television, as she juggles her presenting duties with a role on BBC Radio 5 during the week.

Meanwhile, Ralf Little’s latest revelations shed light on his departure from Death in Paradise, a decision he claims was part of a planned exit strategy. Despite his affection for the show and his character, DI Neville Parker, Ralf explains that it was a collective decision to give his character a fitting conclusion. Reflecting on his time on the show, he expressed gratitude for the opportunity to portray Neville’s journey and hinted at the arrival of a new leader on the island.

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