Benidorm actress Hannah Hobley revists sitcom’s hotel 15 years on with a baby of her own

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Former Benidorm star Hannah Hobley is causing a stir as she looks unrecognisable 15 years after her stint on the ITV comedy series. Known for her role as Chantelle Garvey, the feisty teen mum, Hannah has undergone a striking transformation, revealed in new Instagram pictures shared during her family holiday in Spain.

In contrast to her on-screen character’s auburn hair and velour tracksuits, the 35-year-old now sports long brunette tresses and a slender frame. Her holiday snaps showcase her in a black crop top, knee-length cardigan, and patterned shorts, highlighting her changed appearance.

Returning to the iconic Solana Resort in Benidorm with her husband and daughter, Hannah captioned one picture, “It’s EXACTLY THE SAME! Just back with a different baby this time…” Fans quickly expressed their surprise and admiration. One remarked, “Wow can’t believe it’s you! You sure grew up to be one stunning lady,” while another commented, “You look so different. I get you were younger, but still… Looking good!”

Hannah looks different to Chantelle Garvey – the role she played in Benidorm.

Young Benidorm Star’s Transformation

The transformation is a far cry from her character Chantelle Garvey, whom viewers remember as the oldest child and only daughter of Mick and Janice Garvey, wearing velour tracksuits in the Spanish resort. The show, which first aired in 2007 and concluded in 2018, garnered a dedicated fan base.

In a nostalgic tribute marking the show’s 15th anniversary, Hannah posted a picture of the Garvey family walking through the resort, writing, “Yesterday marked 15 years since the first episode of Benidorm aired… The show that changed my life!”

Born in Burnley and living in Colne, Lancashire, Hannah attended Ss John Fisher and Thomas More RC High School. She was Soprano 1 in the Hallé Choir for two years, showcasing her diverse talents beyond acting.

Hannah’s return to Benidorm sparked speculation about the show’s potential revival. The series, created by Derren Litten, ended in 2018, but rumours of its return persist. Litten, expressing disappointment over the show’s conclusion, mentioned on social media, “Crazy to think Wednesday will be the last episode of Benidorm! I created the series over 11 years ago, wrote it, guest-starred in it, and directed it. It’s difficult to think what else there is to do!”

Fans have long rumoured about a potential return of the much-loved show.

However, an ITV spokesperson later confirmed that no decision had been made regarding any further series of Benidorm. The uncertainty left fans hopeful, especially after Derren Litten hinted at having more stories for another 74 episodes, stating, “I have more stories; if ITV wants them, they know where I am!”

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