Benidorm creator Derren Litten teases fans with possible revival

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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ITV’s Benidorm creator, Derren Litten, hints at revival, exciting fans five years after cancellation. The creative mind behind the beloved series has given fans hope by indicating plans for new episodes, a decade after it first aired.

Benidorm, running from 2007 to 2018, had a decade-long, 74-episode charm, winning millions of hearts. The show won NTAs and BAFTAs, spawning Benidorm Live from 2018 to 2019. Starring Jake Canuso, Siobhan Finneran, Steve Pemberton, and Johnny Vegas, it drew nearly eight million viewers.

Cast of Benidorm, Series 1

On the virtual realm of X, once known as Twitter, an eager fan couldn’t resist asking the burning question: Would be great to see new episodes… Derren Litten surely living in Benners you have plenty of stories you could pen.”

In response, the visionary creator revealed: “I don’t live in Benidorm but I live fairly close by.” He then tantalisingly added, “I have more stories for another 74 episodes; if ITV wants them, they know where I am!” 

This revelation ignited social media, fans urging Litten, ITV, and Netflix for the revival. One devoted fan passionately implored, “Please, please, please do more.” Another echoed the sentiment, stating, “Someone better give the people what they want,” while a creative mind proposed, “Benidorm: The Next Generation,” suggesting the possibility of a new ensemble of characters.

Derren Litten, creator of Benidorm

Benidorm had stars like Su Pollard, Louie Spence, Shane Ritchie, The Krankies, and the late Wendy Richard. Dame Joan Collins also starred as Crystal Hennessy-Vass, the owner of the Solana Hotel where most of the scenes were filmed.

Derren Litten created a role for the 90-year-old actress after Jackie Collin’s request before her passing in 2015 at 77. He included her in the show, honouring Jackie’s wish: “Why don’t you put my sister in your show’.”

Fans eagerly await Benidorm’s return, holding their breath for the beloved comedy series’ revival. Let’s hope it happens!

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