Big Brother legend Lisa Appleton is now working for huge delivery company after struggling to make ends meet

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Remember Lisa Appleton? That bubbly lass from Big Brother, who had us all glued to our screens back in the day? Well, it seems times have turned for the telly favourite. 15 years after ruling the BB roost, Lisa’s swapped TV cameras for parcel scanners, and now works her magic as an Amazon delivery driver.

The glamorous Lisa, who had the nation’s heart racing alongside then-beau and later hubby, Mario Marconi, raked in the moolah post-show with dazzling brand collabs and glitzy club stints. But as they say, not all that glitters is gold. A dodgy con artist swindled the reality queen, leaving her without a roof and her marital bliss in shambles.

Lisa had a stint of being caught on her camera near her home wearing very little clothes

Post the BB high, Lisa’s been in and out of the spotlight. Yet, with the pandemic and the rocketing cost of living, she’s had to pivot and find a steady cash inflow. In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Lisa spilled, “Lockdown threw a spanner in my plans. Prices are sky-high now, from groceries to power bills! So, I thought, why not bolster the bank with a gig at Amazon?”

After an intense four-day training, Lisa took on the delivery challenge. But, crikey! She is feeling the heat with a whopping 167 parcels to deliver daily. “It started off breezy, but then it poured, and my phone wouldn’t cooperate! Plus, squeezing through those narrow streets and reversing in tight spots? It’s a right nightmare!”

Yet, don’t think Lisa’s abandoned the limelight entirely. She’s also delving into a telly stint with ‘Hollywood Files’, a true crime show streaming on Miami Fox.

Lisa now works as a delivery driver for Amazon

And here’s the juicy bit – whispers are doing the rounds that Lisa could make a dramatic re-entry into the Big Brother house with the show’s reboot this autumn. ITV bigwigs are reportedly on the hunt for iconic faces from the original Channel 4 era. Lisa’s all game, chirping, “Big Brother was a game-changer for me. If given a chance, I’d jump right back in!”

Stay tuned, folks! Whether it’s delivering parcels or TV punchlines, Lisa’s journey is one we won;t have heard the end of.

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