Big Brother’s Olivia ignites race row with controversial comment to Chinese housemate

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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There is already a housemate proving unpopular in the Big Brother house

In an unexpected twist, ‘Big Brother’ contestant Olivia Young has ruffled feathers early on with remarks that have fans up in arms. Within the first two episodes, Olivia has seemingly put her foot in it.

Trying to share a bit of her Scottish heritage, the lass from up North was giving her fellow housemates a wee lesson in slang and an Andy Stewart classic, “Donald Where’s Yer Troosers”. However, not everyone was singing along. Essex-born Kerry admitted, “I will be honest with you, I don’t recognise one word you said.” Hallie chimed in, adding that all she could decipher was “Donald’s trousers.”

Olivia Young in the Big Brother house
Olivia Young has angered viewers by her comment direct towards Yinrun

However, it was what came next that raised eyebrows across the nation. Turning to Yinrun, originally from Shanghai but now calling West Yorkshire her home, Olivia quipped, “If you didn’t understand me, she’s going to have no clue what the f*** I just said.” This didn’t sit well with eagle-eyed viewers of ITV’s revamped reality gem. In no time at all, social media was buzzing like a bee’s nest with fans venting their spleen.

Fans minced no words, with one stating, “Okay – we’re going to let that racism from Olivia slide. Oh wait, she’s only Asian, doesn’t matter…”

Another exclaimed, “Did Olivia REALLY just say if you can’t understand me she definitely won’t (then proceed to point at Yinrun!) My f*****g jaw is still open! Horrid girl! #racism #BigBrotherUK #getoliviaout.”

A third said: “Olivia – racism doesn’t make you less boring.”

Initially, before this brouhaha, Yinrun had confided in Big Brother’s iconic Diary Room about feeling like a fish out of water, primarily because of the language barrier with her fellow contestants. However, Olivia’s antics didn’t end there. Nominated for the chop this Friday, she got a cheeky task from Big Brother promising immunity where she had to ensure she wasn’t dubbed the dullest in the house.

Yinrun in the Big Brother house
Viewers leapt to the defence of Yinrun

Olivia’s drama over Farida taking her food left viewers at home incredulous. “Olivia would give an aspirin a headache Jesus Christ,” exclaimed one viewer. Another added, “Oh Big Brother KNEW we would all want Olivia out, funny how she was set a task to gain immunity this week. Was hoping she would go.”

Upon her grand entrance on the show, Olivia boasted about her star quality, declaring herself the “Princess” of her household. She reminisced about her younger days, watching the show on Channel 5. The confident 23-year-old proudly proclaimed, “I’m the life and soul of the party.” Only time will tell how this party unfolds.

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