Do you like British crime films? Then you need to watch 2008’s ‘Clubbed – and the bonus is, it’s free!

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Get ready, British crime film aficionados! If you’ve been craving a dose of the underbelly of Coventry’s 1980s club scene, we’ve got a cracking film for you: “Clubbed”. And guess what? It’s available to stream for FREE!

The story centres around Danny, a downtrodden factory worker who faces life’s blows daily. But one day, in a cruel twist of fate, he’s beaten up in front of his children. The incident drives him to the edge, plunging him into a downward spiral of despair and hopelessness. But when it seems like life’s thrown its last punch, Danny finds an unexpected lifeline – the bustling world of nightclub doormen.

Clubbed has an IMDB rating of 6.7 and is well-produced for a low-budget film

With their guidance and camaraderie, Danny slowly regains his confidence. However, as he delves deeper into the glitz, glamour, and grit of the Coventry club scene, he finds himself in a tangled web with the local crime lord. A gritty, brutal tale of revenge, self-discovery, and confronting one’s darkest fears ensues.

Penned by the brilliant Geoff Thompson, “Clubbed” is more than just another crime flick. It’s a semi-autobiographical masterpiece, drawing from Geoff’s own transformation from a factory worker to a bouncer and, eventually, a writer. His experiences heavily influence Thompson’s gripping narrative, eloquently encapsulated in his best-selling book “Watch My Back”.

Behind the camera is none other than Neil Thompson, a maestro who has crafted over 150 music videos, numerous award-winning adverts, and compelling TV productions. Brought to life by Formosa Films and produced by the astute Martin Carr, “Clubbed” completed its shoot in April 2007, capturing the essence of both Birmingham and Coventry.

Clubbed is a character-driven story about an ordinary man who befriends a group of Club doormen and his life chnages dramatically

And let’s talk about the cast. Boasting of stellar performances by the likes of Colin Salmon, Mel Raido, Shaun Parkes, and Maxine Peake, the film also offers a glimpse of a young and raw Will Poulter in the role of Sparky’s young son.

Look no further if you’ve been hankering for a riveting tale of redemption set amidst the vibrant backdrop of 80s nightlife. And the cherry on top? “Clubbed” is currently free to stream for all Amazon Prime members. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the gritty streets of Coventry and witness a tale of transformation like no other!

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