Brookside’s Jennifer Ellison is keen to return as Emily Shadwick in the classic soap

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Liverpool’s own Jennifer Ellison, famously known for playing the character of Emily Shadwick in the ground-breaking British soap opera ‘Brookside’, has declared her readiness to step back into her iconic role should the show ever make a sensational return to the small screen. The hit show has been off-air for nearly two decades, but its legacy lives on in the hearts of its faithful fans.

The actress, now a 40-year-old mother of three, became famous during her stint on ‘Brookside’ between 1998 and 2003. However, her character met a tragic end, being “killed off” in a botched robbery that saw her fall through a window. Following her departure from the show, Ellison maintained a successful career in the arts industry, posing for several top lads mags and even dabbling in a pop music career.

Despite her varied career, the possibility of returning to the soap that made her famous still tantalises Ellison. Recently, during an appearance on Good Morning Britain, she expressed her affection for the programme and her willingness to return should the opportunity arise. “I think anyone who was involved in it… it holds such a special place in all our hearts that I couldn’t say no,” Ellison confessed.

Jennifer is keen for a Brookside revival

‘Brookside’, once a flagship show for Channel 4, was famous for its ground-breaking storytelling and rich, relatable characters. Set in the titular Brookside Close in Liverpool, the soap was formed in 1982 and quickly amassed a strong fanbase. It ran for an impressive 21 years before being decommissioned in 2003. At its peak, ‘Brookside’ was must-watch TV, combining social realism, hard-hitting plots, and memorable characters capturing the nation’s hearts.

The show’s enduring popularity is evident in Ellison’s interactions with the public. “I get stopped in the street constantly and of all the things I’ve done, it’s Brookside that people always talk about,” she stated. While her children may not be familiar with the show, the public hasn’t forgotten the impact of ‘Brookside’ and its unforgettable characters.

As the programme’s original run is now being streamed on STV, the call for a Brookside revival seems louder than ever. And with Ellison keen on reprising her role as Emily Shadwick, the stage may be set for a sensational comeback of one of Britain’s most loved soaps.

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