Bryan Cranston’s “Rude” behaviour towards Kevin Bridges on the Graham Norton angered viewers

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Friday night’s episode of the Graham Norton Show left viewers torn as Bryan Cranston, star of the hit series Breaking Bad, faced accusations of ‘rudeness’ in his interaction with Scottish comedian Kevin Bridges. The atmosphere on the iconic red sofa seemed tense, leaving fans to question Cranston’s demeanour towards Bridges.

As Cranston and his co-star Bryce Dallas Howard appeared to discuss their upcoming spy action comedy film Argylle, the conversation turned unexpectedly when Bridges shared anecdotes from his past. Cranston, seemingly disinterested, attempted a couple of jokes that fell flat, leading to what some viewers labelled as awkward moments.

Bryan Cranston Upsets Certain Viewers

During a discussion about language learning, Bridges mentioned his time at a Spanish language school. Cranston responded, “I once went away to learn another language with that course you get online.” When Bridges inquired if he meant Duolingo, Cranston quipped, “Dua Lipa, it wasn’t the same thing… that joke just came to my head. I thought I’d throw it out there.”

Later, Bridges admired Cranston’s portrayal of Walter White in Breaking Bad. The comedian humorously shared a story about receiving a complaint letter concerning jokes about religion, prompting Cranston to joke, “Or hell,” causing a slight discomfort between the two.

Viewers took to Twitter to express their thoughts on the unusual exchange. One tweet read, “Graham Norton – Kevin Bridges speaks – Bryan Cranston says, ‘Can you translate that?’ Ha, Ha, Ha – Pr*ck.” Another disappointed viewer wrote, “Bryan Cranston disappointingly rude dull and totally unfunny. Kevin Bridges should have told him to F!@# off.”

The divisive opinions continued, with one viewer commenting, “That Bryan was so rude towards Kevin, and Bryan brought his EGO.. last night’s show was so dreadful.” Some speculated if the awkwardness was due to a language barrier, with one tweet stating, “Is it just me, but whenever Kevin Bridges speaks to Americans, I pray they understand him. Most of the time, no one can understand a word.”

While the incident has sparked debate among fans, it’s worth noting Cranston’s immense popularity from his role as Walter White in Breaking Bad. The show, a cultural phenomenon, continues to enjoy a massive fan base, with fans reminiscing about their favourite moments and characters from the series.

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