Calls for Kevin Keegan to be cancelled after “women shouldn’t be pundits on men’s game” comment but many are supporting him

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Football legend Kevin Keegan has sparked controversy with his comments on female pundits covering men’s football. Indeed, Keegan’s comment sent shockwaves through the football community, causing an uproar among fans and professionals alike.

The former England manager, aged 72, questioned the relatability of women discussing the England men’s team. Despite his reservations, he praised many female presenters, calling them better than their male counterparts.

Kevin Keegan faced backlash and support for female pundits comment
Kevin Keegan has received a lot of support after people called for his cancellation

While coaching the England ladies’ team, he admired their skills and critiqued modern pundits for being too talkative. Kevin Keegan ended by saying good things about female hosts and talked about working with Gabby Logan soon.

Furthermore, as people debated, many on social media called for Keegan’s cancellation. Many saw his comments as outdated and out of touch.

One user on X wrote, ‘Kevin Keegan: Old man with old fashioned views. I would love it, LOVE IT if… he got cancelled.’

However, many stood up for the famous footballer’s right to share his strong opinions.

GB News posted: ”Poor Kev! He’s probably going to get cancelled as well now!’ Kevin Keegan has said that he doesn’t like female pundits on men’s games.”

Female footballer Sophie Corcoran defended Keegan , writing: ‘As a female footballer and someone who simply cannot get through the day without a ball at my feet I have to say Kevin Keegan was totally right in what he said, The men and women’s games are totally different and us women would not be happy if male commentators started rot take over women’s football – so we shouldn’t be trying to take over theirs.’

Joey Barton was another to defend Keegan, writing ‘Kevin Keegan. Ballon D’or winner 1978. England manager. He’s bang on.’

Moreover, Keegan hasn’t publicly responded to the backlash yet, but sources close to him say the fierce criticism has taken him aback. It’s clear as day that the comments have struck a chord, leading many to question his stance in today’s ever-evolving and inclusive football landscape.

Additionally, several prominent football figures, both male and female, have weighed in on the issue. Some have called for calm, urging fans not to throw the baby out with the bathwater, whilst others have stated that in this day and age, such views simply don’t have a place in the beautiful game.

In conclusion, Kevin Keegan’s comments have undoubtedly ignited a fiery debate about gender and representation in football. While the jury’s still out on how this will all play out, one thing’s for certain – the footballing world will be keeping a keen eye on developments. We have yet to see whether Keegan will face consequences or emerge unscathed.

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