Can you work out which former 90s Coronation Street star is now the Mayor of West Yorkshire?

Gemma Thomas
Gemma Thomas
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She graced our screens in two beloved British soaps, portraying memorable characters and capturing our hearts. But you may not know that this soap star-turned-politician has taken a remarkable turn in her career. Now 62, she has left the world of acting behind her and is currently the Mayor of West Yorkshire.

You might remember her as Tricia Armstrong in Coronation Street and Roxy Drake in EastEnders. With a successful career in the entertainment industry spanning many years, her transition into politics has surprised and impressed fans. But this determined individual is no stranger to breaking barriers and embracing new challenges.

Her journey into politics began in 2014. Representing Batley and Spen, she became a Labour MP, winning the seat in a by-election that followed the tragic murder of her close friend, Jo Cox. Tracy Brabin retained her position in the 2017 and 2019 general elections, demonstrating her commitment to public service.

Tracy Brabin as Tricia Armstrong on the left with a more recent picture of her on the right

In a bold move, Tracy recently took on the role as the Mayor of West Yorkshire. Now responsible for crucial aspects of the region, including transport, crime, and planning, she oversees major cities like Leeds, Bradford, and Wakefield. Tracy’s determination to make a positive impact knows no bounds.

Despite her newfound political career, Tracy has not forgotten her passion for acting. She launched the ‘ Screen Diversity Campaign ‘ in a brilliant fusion of her two worlds, aiming to promote inclusivity within Yorkshire’s thriving film and television industry through this initiative. Tracy believes in creating opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds, providing them with the necessary training and support to pursue rewarding careers in the entertainment field.

Reflecting on her time in the world of soaps, Tracy holds cherished memories of her days on Coronation Street. She appreciates the show’s ability to bring working-class stories to the forefront and amplify the voices of ordinary people facing extraordinary circumstances.

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