Catherine Tate’s daughter, Erin, 20 has adopted her mother’s flair for comedy

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Erin Johanna Clark, the 20-year-old daughter of renowned comedian and writer Catherine Tate, is showcasing her inherited comedic talent through her popular and funny TikTok videos. Her presence on the platform, proves that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

The Catherine Tate Show, earned Catherine numerous awards and nominations, including an International Emmy Award and seven BAFTAs. Now, it seems that Erin is ready to follow in her mother’s footsteps.

Erin Born To Follow In Mother, Catherine’s, Shoes

Erin, born in 2003, is the daughter of Catherine Tate and her ex-boyfriend, Twig Clark. Despite her parents’ decision not to marry, Erin’s upbringing was filled with laughter and comedic inspiration. Catherine once revealed that Erin’s father, Twig, even made his way into her comedy writing. This inspired characters on ‘The New Parents,’ based on their own experiences with parenthood.

Erin did admit, however, that she wasn’t initially a fan of her Mother’s comedy. She stated: “Growing up, I didn’t appreciate Mum’s comedy—probably because I was too busy being a prudish pre-teen.”

Catherine Tate and her daughter Erin Johanna Clark

Catherine disclosed in a 2016 interview that Erin disapproved of her risque comedy, especially disliking her attempts at Twerking dance practices and posters featuring Tate in comedic, albeit revealing poses. But, as her mother speculated, Erin’s prudishness was likely a phase of adolescence.

Fast forward to the present, and Erin’s perspective seems to have undergone a significant shift. Her TikTok account, has gained over 14k followers. From playful impersonations to relatable sketches, Erin showcases a comedic flair reminiscent of her mother’s iconic style.

Youngster Look To Carry On Tate’s Legacy

In one of her standout TikTok videos, Erin even convinced her famous mother to make a cameo appearance. It created a delightful moment for fans of both Tate and her daughter.

Erin’s approach to comedy aligns with the changing dynamics of her relationship with her mother’s work. As Catherine Tate expressed, Erin’s initial disapproval was likely due to her age. Now, as Erin approaches adulthood, her perspective on her mother’s comedy has evolved, and she embraces the humour that has made Catherine Tate a household name.

Some Erin’s videos contain her mother, Catherine.

Catherine Tate herself acknowledges the transformation in Erin’s outlook, stating, “A few years ago, she wasn’t a fan of my comedy, but she was young. Judging by her TikTok videos, that has changed now.” This shift not only reflects Erin’s growth but also sets the stage for a promising comedic future.

Erin Johanna Clark’s journey into the comedy world continues a comedic legacy. As she navigates her own way through comedy, it’s clear that Erin is poised to make her own mark in the entertainment industry.

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