Catherine Tate’s hot romance with Take That star who fell for a certain part of her body

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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One unexpected romance that slipped under the radar was the romance between Catherine Tate and Take That heartthrob, Jason Orange. While most fans know Tate for her comedic genius and iconic characters like Lauren, little is known about her brief liaison with the Take That member.

It all began with a comedic twist. In a skit for Comic Relief titled “Fake That,” Catherine Tate took on the persona of Jason Orange, catching the eye of the man himself. The parody featured Take That members Gary Barlow and Mark Owen alongside Alan Carr, John Bishop, and David Walliams. Jason, captivated by Tate’s legs, couldn’t resist expressing his admiration to friends, stating, “She’s got great legs”. Little did he know, this encounter would lead to something more.

Strong Chemistry Between Tate And Jason Orange

Catherine Tate and Take That's Jason Orange
The pair hit it off on the set of a Comic Relief sketch they were filming

According to insiders, the chemistry was evident during the filming. Jason, apparently smitten, confessed, “She looked stunning“. It wasn’t one-sided, though, as during a 2011 appearance on The Graham Norton Show, John Bishop spilt the beans. He revealed that Catherine made the audacious move of asking Jason for his number. John recounts, “I was there when Catherine Tate – who was playing Jason Orange and looked like Jason Orange – was talking to Jason Orange and said to him ‘maybe we should have a coffee, can I get your number?’ And he said ‘Yeah’. Now they are supposedly seeing each other.”

Despite the initial sparks, fate had its own script. The couple didn’t cross paths again until six months later, while supporting David Walliams during his Sport Relief swimming challenge. Their first date, however, was far from ordinary. It started with a tour of William Shakespeare’s house and culminated in a Royal Shakespeare Company performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Public Life Put Pay To Relationship

As swiftly as the romance blossomed, it flickered out by early 2012. Sources close to the duo cited the pressures of public scrutiny as a contributing factor to their parting ways. A source revealed in February 2012, “Jason is a very private person, and after it came out that he and Catherine were getting closer together, it did affect their relationship. There was a lot of pressure on them, and it caused them to go their separate ways for a bit, but they are still very good friends.”

CatherineTate is now happily engaged to American screenwriter Jeff Gutheim.

Fast forward to the present, and Catherine Tate has found a new leading man in her life. Engaged to US screenwriter Jeff Gutheim, the comedian seems to have found the happily-ever-after she deserves.

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