Coronation Street’s ‘Curly’ Kevin Kennedy back in hometown of Manchester and hints at a return to the Cobbles

Gemma Thomas
Gemma Thomas
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Coronation Street’s best loved character Curly gets fans excited at a possible return to the soap

As one of “Coronation Street‘s” most cherished characters, Kevin Kennedy continually receives requests for a comeback. Each time he steps into Manchester, rumour mills spring to life, hinting at his possible return to the soap.

Moreover, during his break from performing at the Manchester Opera House in the musical “Rock of Ages,” Kevin announced his plans to revisit the Corrie set. Fans remember him for his iconic role as Curly Watts in the 1980s and 90s, which spanned two decades.

Corrie Stars Reunite in Cyprus

Last summer, when he met fellow soap actor Alan Halsall on holiday, fans’ clamour for his return grew even louder. Consequently, his upcoming visit to the ITV studios to catch up with old friends will undoubtedly spark those rumours anew. Now 61, Kevin finds these speculations quite familiar and expresses joy that fans still love his character. Kevin jests, “I’m certain rumours will fly once I’m in Manchester. If someone spots me at the studios, they’ll wonder if I’m rejoining Corrie. However, I welcome it.”

Kevin Kennedy caught up with Alan Halsall at Paphos Airport last summer

Adding to the narrative, Kevin reflects, “For any artist, knowing your work remains in the hearts of fans is humbling. It’s gratifying to see people still fondly remembering Curly.”

Kevin wants to return to the Cobbles to play Curly

As for his potential return to the show? Kevin says with a grin, “I’d embrace a comeback, especially if there’s a compelling story for Curly.” Fans recall Curly’s iconic romance with barmaid Raquel, played by Sarah Lancashire. However, Kevin imagines modern Curly might strike up engaging conversations with the current Rovers star, Glenda Shuttleworth.

Curly and Raquel were the loveable but unlikely couple on Coronation Street in the 1990’s.

Interestingly, Kevin and Jodie Prenger, who portrays Glenda, share a close real-life bond. He mentions, “Jodie and I have a longstanding friendship. Acting alongside her would be delightful, but our penchant for laughter might pose a challenge for the soap!”

In the interim, while fans eagerly await news of a Curly reappearance, Kevin dedicates his time to entertaining audiences on stage. He plays rocker Dennis Dupree in the “farewell” tour of “Rock of Ages.” Commenting on the musical, Kevin enthuses, “It’s an exhilarating experience. It’s an upbeat show, a perfect escape from daily worries.”

Reflecting on his acting career spanning 20 years

Post his Corrie days, Kevin ventured into theatre and musicals. He recollects, “After two decades on TV, I spent the next twenty years performing on stage. Musicals have dominated my career, aligning with the public’s preferences.”

Kevin in his role as bar owner Dennis Dupree in the musical Rock Of Ages.

Despite now residing in Brighton with his family, Kevin cherishes his Manchester visits, stating, “Manchester feels right. It’s got a familiar rhythm, with its trams and all.”

A die-hard Manchester City supporter, Kevin occasionally returns for games. Recollecting his loyalty during the team’s trying times, he quips, “In the 80s, I was the sole public figure openly supporting them, and they’ve always remembered.”

Furthermore, Kevin looks forward to spending Mother’s Day with his mum in Manchester. His loved ones also plan to attend his ongoing show.

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