Critically-acclaimed and hugely popular comedy is axed by the BBC leaving fans outraged

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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A critically acclaimed and much-loved comedy has been dealt a devastating blow as the BBC has decided to axe “Motherland”. This announcement has left fans in a state of fury and disappointment, especially considering the show’s tremendous success and widespread acclaim.

Diana Morgan, who portrays the character of single mother Liz on the show, expressed her dismay at the BBC’s decision. In an interview with RadioTimes, she disclosed, “I hate to say it, because I still get women running up to me with prams in the street asking me when it’s coming back“. Despite the setback, she hinted at a spin-off featuring Lucy Punch’s character, Amanda, offering a glimmer of hope to fans. Morgan optimistically remarked, “It’ll live on through her. The ladies with the prams will be pleased, hopefully.”

Motherland has run for three series and accumulated several awards.

The news of “Motherland’s” cancellation comes amidst the BBC’s broader strategy to reduce its programming output by 100 hours to cut costs. According to the corporation’s Annual Plan for 2024/25, there will be significant reductions in first-run original drama and entertainment shows. This includes a 13% decrease in original drama hours and a 15% drop in entertainment programming. This decision has left many questioning the future of quality television content on the BBC.

Fans vent their fury over BBC’s decision to axe Motherland

“Motherland,” created by Sharon Horgan, Helen Linehan, and Graham Linehan, follows the trials and tribulations of middle-class motherhood in suburban London. The show has garnered widespread acclaim for its sharp wit, relatable characters, and insightful portrayal of the challenges faced by modern parents. It won the prestigious BAFTA award for Best Scripted Comedy in 2022, solidifying its status as a beloved fan favourite.

Fans of “Motherland” have taken to social media to express their outrage and disappointment over the BBC’s decision to cancel the show. One distraught viewer lamented, “F*** off has it been cancelled,” while another pleaded for more Christmas specials

Diana Morgan reacted optimistically, despite the BBC’s decision.

Despite the show’s popularity, scheduling conflicts and the cast’s busy schedules have reportedly posed challenges for the production of future seasons. Joan Petrie, the BBC’s director of comedy, acknowledged the difficulties in coordinating the cast’s availability. He stated, “The thing with that show is that the cast are all so successful, it’s about finding time in the diary to do more.”

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