Danny Dyer engaged in talks for a sequel to landmark film that launched his career

Gemma Thomas
Gemma Thomas
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In an unexpected move, Danny Dyer is trading Albert Square for Stamford Bridge, signing on for a sequel to the iconic film, The Football Factory.

The Sun has reported that the former EastEnders star has engaged in discussions with the original film’s director, Nick Love, to deliberate over the new screenplay. Impressively, he has granted his approval for the project, setting the stage for its development just in time for the 20th anniversary next May, commemorating the release of the initial film which revolved around fervent supporters.

In the 2004 movie, Danny portrayed Tommy Johnson, a Chelsea “firm” hooligan, whose introspection led him to question his own principles as well as those of his companions.

On deliberating the move away from the soap to play Tommy again, a source said: “Danny is a free agent after leaving EastEnders and he has been in talks with the director Nick about a sequel to The Football Factory.”

Danny Dyer in Football Factory (2004)

“The film ended with Danny’s character Tommy recovering from being battered by a group of Millwall fans.

“The idea is that the new project would follow Tommy in the years that followed, what happened in the firm and the new generation coming up behind him.

“Danny said at the time that the film was about so much more than hooliganism. It was about men and their complex relationships.

“And given how much the world has changed over the past two decades, there is plenty of scope for new themes.

“Naturally, football will be at the heart of it so fans can expect violence and hilarious one-liners. Danny has a lot of love for the film and has spoken to Nick about how it could work.

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