David Jason and Jay Blades “To work on ourselves” after on-set row

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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In the aftermath of last week’s fiery clash between the iconic David Jason and Jay Blades on their touring toolshed escapade, it seems that the tensions are still lingering. Sir David, famed for his roles in Only Fools and Horses and countless other classics, was at odds with Jay Blades during a barrel-making episode.

The spat began innocently enough, with Sir David Jason’s playful jabs at Jay’s crafting abilities. “Just remember we haven’t got three days for this programme,” quipped the legendary actor as Jay embarked on the task. The banter escalated as Jay retorted, “No, it’s not gonna fall in! Listen, less of the verbal over there, alright?” However, the verbal exchange continued with Sir David suggesting, “You should’ve been way down with your rings on the barrel by this time.”

Tensions Arose Between David Jason And Jay Blades

The tension peaked when an expert barrel-maker intervened to assist Jay Blades. Sir David Jason couldn’t resist taking a jab, saying, “Oh, you’re having help from the professional…” As Jay completed his barrel, deemed “wobbly” by Sir David, the atmosphere turned heated. Jay, frustrated, threatened, “I’ll tell you where I’ll put my thumb in a minute if you don’t stop talking“. Despite Jay’s efforts, he was only awarded a four out of ten for his barrel, leading to a dramatic exit from the set with the words, “The two of you can do one, I’ve had enough.”

David Jason and Jay Blades clashed last week, taking viewers by surprise.

But the drama didn’t end there. Taking to X (formerly Twitter), Jay Blades shared a cryptic message alongside a sunrise photo: “THOUGHT OF THE DAY We don’t stumble accidentally into an amazing life. It takes a decision. A commitment to consistently work on ourselves. #theroadislong.” Could this be an indirect reference to the on-set clash or a broader reflection on self-improvement?

Despite the on-screen clashes, fans rally behind the duo, expressing their love for the show on social media platforms. One viewer tweeted, “Fantastic to see Sir David Jason & @jayblades_ show. Love the sandwich scene! The show has so much warmth & is a smooth 30 mins of pure TV.”

Another fan echoed the sentiment, writing, “David Jason back on the box. Whoever thought of this should be knighted pronto. #davidandjaystouringtoolshed.”

While the backstage drama may have fans intrigued, the show itself continues to captivate audiences. With 14 more episodes in the series, David Jason and Jay’s Touring Toolshed promises more entertaining moments. Luckily for us, it guarantees humour, craftsmanship, and the undeniable chemistry between the two stars.

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