Sir David Jason updates fans on health scare after pulling out of show but has exciting TV news

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Sir David Jason, 83, has faced a major health scare recently, undergoing hip surgery to address an undisclosed issue. Fans were left concerned as he had to postpone an Only Fools and Horses convention.

However, the actor reassured fans during an appearance on Lorraine, where he shared details about his health and the road to recovery. Jason, known for his role as Derek ‘Del Boy’ Trotter, displayed a positive outlook despite the recent surgery, emphasising, “I am on the mend!”

During the interview, he addressed his physical challenges, saying, “I’m having a little trouble getting the muscles back because I was so infirm for two to three weeks“. “I wasn’t using the legs at all, that’s where I am at now, getting it back, doing some exercises. The hip itself is wonderful!”

Jason still regularly appears at Only Fools & Horses conventions.

David Jason Gives Positive Update On Health

David Jason took the opportunity to discuss not only his health but also his current projects. He discussed his popular book, “The Twelve Dels of Christmas: My Festive Tales from Life and Only Fools”. Furthermore, he released details about the upcoming show, “Touring Toolshed,” featuring Jay Blades MBE – set to air in 2024.

Earlier this year, Jason apologised to disappointed fans for withdrawing from the Only Fools and Horses convention. In a Facebook post, he humorously mentioned the reason for the cancellation. Jason stated, “I have just been advised I need a new bionic body part fitted. I won’t tell you which part it is, or you will all want one!”

The actor assured fans he aims to continue attending events. He said: “These events are such an enjoyable celebration for myself and the rest of the ‘Only Fools’ cast“. “It is such a privilege to meet so many of you, but I want to do it with the smile on my face I always have had.”

Actor Confirms He Will Continue Appearances When Fully Healthy

The recent video posted by Jason, where he confidently discards his crutches, has delighted fans. The clip, shared on social media, portrays him striding towards the camera with the Rocky theme playing in the background.

A video circulated on social media showing David discarding his crutches and doing an impression of Rocky Balboa.

Sir David Jason is not only known for Only Fools and Horses but also for his diverse contributions to British television. From Detective Inspector Jack Frost to Granville in Open All Hours, his talent has earned him numerous accolades.

Despite the recent health setback, David Jason remains in good spirits. As he continues his journey of recovery, fans can look forward to more from the legendary actor.

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