We demand to see more of Greg Davies on our screens in acting roles!

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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A spectre of comedic genius at a towering 6’8”, Greg Davies has long had us in stitches with his quick-witted banter and endearing persona. Whilst his recent stints as himself on hit shows like ‘Taskmaster’ and ‘Never Mind the Buzzcocks’ have been nothing short of hilarious, we miss his acting roles. Davies, known for turning every character he touches into comedy gold, has only graced our screens with a handful of memorable roles. Isn’t it high time we saw more of him?

Remember Mr Gilbert, the sarcastic, world-weary head of sixth form in ‘The Inbetweeners’? That was none other than our Greg, relishing every moment of his despotic rule over the bumbling teenage lads. He was the perfect foil to their juvenile exploits, delivering iconic one-liners still etched in British comedy history.

Greg Davies in Taskmaster

Then there was Ken Thompson in ‘Cuckoo’, the long-suffering father and solicitor navigating the minefield of having an American hippie as a son-in-law. Davies managed to spin frustration and exasperation into pure hilarity, showing us all how to keep a straight face while dealing with the absurdities of family life.

In ‘Man Down’, Davies took centre stage as Dan, the immature schoolteacher struggling with the grown-up world. A spiritual successor to Mr Gilbert, Dan let Greg stretch his comedy muscles to their fullest, serving up a feast of laughs in every episode.

We can’t deny he has been recently working on ‘The Cleaner’, donning the overalls of Wicky, a crime scene cleaner. While the premise was macabre, Greg’s portrayal of a regular bloke dealing with the extraordinary messes left behind was heartwarming and hilarious. But we demand more!

For a man of his comedic prowess, it’s puzzling why we haven’t seen Greg Davies in more acting roles. His knack for finding humour in the most mundane situations and timing and delivery make him a bona fide comedy gem.

Greg was superb in Man Down

Isn’t it time that we got more of Davies the actor, as well as Davies the panellist? The man is an unrivalled king of comedy who’s proved time and again that he can elevate any character he plays to new comedic heights.

So, come on, Greg, we’re ready for your next unforgettable character, be it another hapless schoolteacher, a disgruntled office worker, or perhaps even a spaceship captain lost in the cosmos. Whatever it is, please get back in front of that camera, script in hand, and continue entertaining us with your acting chops!

You agree with me..don’t you?

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