EastEnders child star has made a remarkable transition into football and trialled with England Schoolboys

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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A former child star of EastEnders has left acting behind to pursue an entirely different path – that of a footballer.

The individual who once graced EastEnders as Dennis Rickman Jnr is now 18 and making a name for himself on the football pitch.

Bleu Landau first came to the nation’s attention when he stepped into the shoes of Dennis Rickman Jnr on the BBC’s beloved soap opera, EastEnders. The portrayal of the troubled character saw him twice nominated for young actor of the year. But after 5 years on the show, his character met a tragic demise in a boat accident. The events saw them locked in a room by Ian Beale, a vengeful act in response to an attack on his son Bobby. As the boat’s catastrophic crash ensued, efforts were made to rescue the young troublemaker from the clutches of death. Yet, despite the brave attempts, the unforgiving currents proved insurmountable, ultimately snatching away any chance of survival.

But it seems Bleu was destined for more incredible things beyond the realm of fictional storylines. In a surprising twist, he traded the fictional squares of Walford for a footballing career.

Former actor Bleu Landau played Dennis Rickman Jr
Bleu Landau as troublesome teenager Dennis Rickman Jnr.

The former EastEnders star took to social media on June 18th unveiling a snapshot of themselves donning a football kit. With a sense of accomplishment, he wrote, “22/23 Season. It has been an unreal and unforgettable season. 2 league titles, a record-breaking FA Youth Cup run, representing and captaining my county and also in the trial process for England Schoolboys. Hopefully, more successes next year.”

He has already found some success very early on, winning a few titles, including the National Youth Alliance U19s League. He helped secure the crown of Kent Youth League U18s, not stopping there.

With a growing Instagram following of 75,000, Bleu frequently shares captivating snapshots of himself in action on the pitch.

Bleu is a talented footballer leaving his actor days behind him
Bleu has now embarked on a career in Football.

Originating from the Isle of Sheppey, his journey has been an incredible one. Assuming the role of Dennis Rickman from another actor on EastEnders in 2015, Landau’s talent radiated brightly, culminating in a well-deserved nomination for Best Young Performance at the 2017 British Soap Awards. Landau also showcased his versatility in Guy Richie’s film “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword,” in which he appeared alongside a such icons as Jude Law, David Beckham, and Charlie Hunnam. He also appeared in the Sky comedy-drama “Code 404” as Reece.

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