Popular EastEnders star Rita Simons is set to join another popular soap

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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In the rollercoaster ride of British soap operas, the unexpected is to be expected. Fans of the BBC’s EastEnders are well aware of this, particularly after a shocking event six years ago, when stalwart characters Roxy and Ronnie Mitchell, played by Rita Simons and Samantha Womack, met their watery end in a swimming pool. It was a plot twist that sparked a wave of viewer outrage but more recently delighted fans with the surprise reappearance of the supposedly deceased Roxy.

Indeed, the realm of soaps is no stranger to the old ‘back-from-the-dead’ trick, and Simons reprised her role in a moving sequence, where Roxy, or a vision of her, appeared to her troubled daughter Amy (Ellie Dadd). The young girl was dealing with mental health issues, and her vivid imagining of her mum provided a poignant moment for EastEnders fans. This brief scene, where Roxy offered heartfelt advice and expressed her love and pride for Amy, was a testament to Simons’ undeniable talent and on-screen presence.

Simons has had quite a journey in the television industry, with EastEnders marking her first significant role in soap opera, but certainly not her last. Starting as one-half of the controversial Mitchell sisters in 2007, her performance was compelling enough to keep the audience hooked for a decade. And while it’s a chapter of her proud career, she’s not letting it define her.

Interestingly, and here comes the news that fans of Simons will love, the talented actress is set to grace our screens once again, but this time in the popular Channel 4 soap Hollyoaks. Though it may be a fleeting cameo, sources promise a role filled with drama that will undoubtedly shake up the status quo. With her track record of compelling performances, Hollyoaks fans can look forward to sparks flying when Simons’ character arrives on the scene.

Rita Simons is set to join Hollyoaks for a brief period

While speaking on Good Morning Britain, Simons hinted at this upcoming role, but remained cryptic about further details, maintaining an air of intrigue. She also left the door open for a potential return to EastEnders, with a curious mention of Roxy’s unseen body and a refusal to film a coffin scene.

“Who knows?” Simons teased about the prospect of returning to her roots in Albert Square. Still, for now, fans will have the pleasure of watching her stir the pot in Hollyoaks, demonstrating once more why she’s one of the most-loved figures in British soap operas.

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