Father Ted writer calls David Tennant a “Groomer” after the actor’s message for trans community

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Father Ted creator Graham Linehan has unleashed a barrage of criticism towards Doctor Who star David Tennant. Linehan, known for his controversial views on transgender rights, took to Twitter in June to brand Tennant as a “groomer.” The feud revolves around Tennant’s public support for the trans community. This is symbolised by his wearing of a rainbow badge that proclaimed, “you are safe with me” and a T-shirt that boldly stated, “leave trans kids alone you absolute freaks.”

Linehan, a vocal critic of the trans community for years, initially slammed Tennant’s T-shirt as “disgusting”. He then escalated the situation by accusing the actor of being an “abusive groomer” for his advocacy of trans children. During a panel at the Conservative Party Conference, after a heated exchange on social media, Linehan claimed that Independent Talent, his TV agency, dropped him and alleged that they also represent Tennant.

Linehan dropped by his agent

“I just lost my TV agent because I criticised David Tennant,” Linehan declared during the panel. He went on to reveal the financial disparity, stating, “David Tennant was at the top, and he’s making slightly more money than me at the moment, so I had to go.”

Linehan saw his Twitter account suspended in 2020 for his views.

This latest controversy adds to Linehan’s history of anti-trans campaigning, which led to his permanent ban from Twitter in 2020. Recently, he faced backlash for performing a comedy show to a small audience on the streets of Edinburgh after having his scheduled show cancelled due to his repeated anti-trans stance. The venue cited inclusivity and the refusal to allow such views to violate their space.

Linehan has a reputation for making controversial statements, previously referring to central trans figures as “n**ces.” In 2021, he stirred controversy by joining a dating app for queer women and later sharing accounts of individuals he believed to be trans, leading to a rebuke from the app, Her, emphasising inclusivity.

Writer has no intention of backing down

Despite facing numerous setbacks and criticisms, The creator of Father Ted remains unapologetic about his views on gender. During the panel discussion, he expressed the difficulty in finding platforms to express his opinions in the current climate.

Graham Linehan will release his memoir titled “Tough Crowd: How I Made and Lost a Career in Comedy” later this month. The book delves into Linehan’s fall from grace in an industry where he claims there was no one to stand by his side when he needed help.

David Tennant says he doesn’t care about criticism for wearing this shirt.

Controversy surrounds the online marketing of Linehan’s memoir, featuring a quote from “The IT Crowd” star, Richard Ayoade. Ayoade describes Linehan as one of his favourite writers, acknowledging his brilliance in both prose and screenwriting.

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