Former Premier League Star Shaka Hislop Collapses on Live ESPN TV during Pre-Season Shock

Gemma Thomas
Gemma Thomas
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In a truly alarming scene, former Premier League goalkeeper Shaka Hislop suffered a startling fall on live TV, leaving viewers and colleagues stunned. This shocking incident occurred just before Sunday evening’s pre-season friendly match between football giants Real Madrid and AC Milan.

Hislop, the former guardian of the goal for West Ham and Newcastle United, was providing his sharp insights and wit as a pundit for ESPN during the match. A well-known figure on the American broadcaster, the 54-year-old retired from professional football in 2007.

After causing quite a scare among his fellow pundits, it has been confirmed that Hislop is now “conscious and recovering.” He was standing tall on set during the overnight match when he suddenly felt unwell and collapsed, much to the horror of his ESPN co-host, Dan Thomas.

Hislop appeared unsteady on his feet just before he collapsed.

With temperatures rising to 30 degrees in Pasadena, California, the dramatic footage captured the ghastly moment when Hislop began to stagger before falling to the studio floor. Quick to react, Thomas called for medical assistance and rushed to Hislop’s side.

The camera quickly cut to a commercial break, leaving viewers in shock and undoubtedly causing thousands of hearts to race across the nation.

But fear not football fans, the match continued as planned once ESPN confirmed that our beloved football analyst was “conscious and recovering.” Thomas provided a reassuring update during halftime, stating that the “good news” was that Hislop was awake, talking, and, in typical British fashion, “a little embarrassed about it all.”

Shaka is believed to conscious and well

The good-natured Hislop, not one to enjoy a fuss, has reportedly apologised, a sentiment entirely unnecessary but reflective of his unassuming character. Hislop’s condition is being closely monitored. The important thing is that he is alert, and his family indicates that things seem to be “OK.”

Shaka, is famous for his playing days at Reading, Newcastle, West Ham, and Portsmouth. In his post-football career, he has become a beloved figure in the world of sports punditry, and we hope to see him back on the screen soon, sharing his unique perspectives on the beautiful game.

We all join the football community in wishing Shaka Hislop a swift recovery. Get well soon!

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