Former Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson receives worrying health warning

Gemma Thomas
Gemma Thomas
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Jeremy Clarkson, known for his role on Amazon Prime’s “Clarkson’s Farm,” has shared a sobering health revelation in his latest column for The Sun. The 63-year-old presenter disclosed that his doctor issued a stern warning about his well-being this week.

Despite successfully kicking a 40-a-day smoking habit by transitioning to nicotine gum, Clarkson has now been confronted with unexpected health concerns. His doctor cautioned that relying on nicotine gum could lead to an “agonising and premature death.”

Heavy smoker Jeremy Clarkson was given a stern warning by the Doctor to quit the nicotine gum, or he could face an ‘agonising and premature death’

In his column, Clarkson humorously recounted his journey to quitting smoking and using nicotine gum. He revealed that, despite believing he was making a healthier choice, he recently learned that the gum had caused a worrisome increase in his blood pressure.

Reflecting on the irony of the situation, Clarkson remarked, “For most of my adult life, stern-faced doctors warned me that if I didn’t give up smoking, I would suffer from an agonising and premature death.” He further shared the doctor’s cautionary advice about nicotine gum, highlighting its potential health risks.

Clarkson experienced a previous health scare in 2017 whilst on holiday in Mallorca where he was admitted to a hospital with pneumonia

Clarkson’s candid revelation serves as a reminder of the complexities of health decisions and the importance of staying informed about potential risks. As he navigates this new health challenge, fans and well-wishers will undoubtedly hope for his continued well-being.

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