Frank Skinner expresses his anger at show being cancelled after 15 years

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Frank Skinner has announced his departure from Absolute Radio after an impressive 15-year stint at the station. The news came as a shock to fans who have grown accustomed to starting their Saturdays with his infectious humour. Skinner, 67, who has been hosting the Saturday breakfast slot “The Frank Skinner Show” alongside co-hosts Emily Dean and Pierre Novellie, bid farewell in a pre-recorded show, expressing a mix of gratitude and disappointment.

“My manager (called)… you know, every year, about this time, we’ve just celebrated our 15th anniversary on the show, so obviously, that means the new contract is coming, and every year, I make self-deprecating jokes about the fact that we probably won’t get it renewed. Guess what?! Yeah, we didn’t!” Skinner revealed. Despite acknowledging his good run and Absolute Radio’s support throughout the years, he admitted, “I didn’t take it well… I don’t want to go!”

Paul Sylvester, Absolute Radio’s content director, appreciated Skinner’s immense contribution and labeled his departure “the end of an era.” However, he reassured fans that there are still a few more weeks to savour Skinner’s wit on Saturday mornings before the show concludes.

Frank Skinner’s departure receives mixed reviews

Twitter erupted with reactions from devastated fans, with fellow comedian David Baddiel leading the tributes, expressing his dismay at the decision. “Frank Skinner’s show on Absolute is brilliant and the decision not to renew it can only have been made by an Absolute t**t,” Baddiel tweeted. The sentiment was echoed by many, with listeners expressing their disappointment and disbelief at the news, describing Skinner’s show as the highlight of their week.

As fans lamented the end of an era, some expressed hope that Skinner would find a new home for his show, suggesting potential alternatives such as podcasts or other radio stations.

Skinner, whose real name is Christopher Graham Collins, has had a prolific career spanning stand-up comedy, television, and writing. Alongside David Baddiel, he formed the iconic duo behind TV programs like “Fantasy Football” and “Baddiel And Skinner Unplanned.” The duo’s football anthem, “Three Lions”, became synonymous with English football, cementing Skinner’s status as a cultural icon.

Skinner’s departure from Absolute Radio marks the end of a significant chapter in his illustrious career, but fans can still catch him on his acclaimed tour “30 Years of Dirt,” which will continue across various venues. Additionally, his podcast “Frank Skinner’s Poetry Podcast” will see two more series before bidding farewell.

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