Gordon Ramsay’s wife, Tana, opens up about the fears faced after joyous arrival of sixth child at 49

Gemma Thomas
Gemma Thomas
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In a deeply personal revelation, Tana Ramsay, wife of famous TV chef Gordon Ramsay, shares the emotional rollercoaster of the past nine months following the birth of their sixth child. At 49, Tana welcomed baby Jesse James Ramsay, marking a poignant chapter for the Ramsay family.

Gordon Ramsay joyfully introduced the newest member of the Ramsay brigade on social media. The celebratory post captured the proud parents sharing tender moments with new-born Jesse James, born around Gordon’s birthday on November 8. The chef shared his elation, declaring, “One more bundle of love to the Ramsay brigade!! 3 boys, 3 girls… Done.”

Gordon Ramsay with wife Tana and new-born baby Jesse James Ramsay
Gordon, Tana and new-born Jesse James Ramsay

However, the journey leading to Jesse’s arrival was marked by Tana’s candid post on her Instagram page. Having faced the heartbreak of a 2016 miscarriage with son Rocky, Tana confessed to the nerve-wracking nature of her recent pregnancy. Reflecting on the challenging period, she expressed gratitude for the blessing of their new addition, declaring, “Ramsay family definitely complete. Jesse James Ramsay, we love you so much.”

Jesse James Ramsay

The Ramsay family navigated joy and sorrow, remembering their unborn child, Rocky, in 2016. Gordon Ramsay, a Michelin-star TV chef, opened up about the tough experience, emphasising how it brought the family closer. Reflecting on the trauma, he acknowledged the huge impact, stating, “Losing Rocky was really tough, and then just being there and watching the trauma unfold, it’s just this life-changing moment.”

Tana Ramsay and Jesse James Ramsay

Despite the heartache, Tana and Gordon persevered, welcoming Oscar James in April 2019, now a four-year-old. Jesse James, the newest family member, got warm wishes from fans and celebrity friends alike. The Beckhams, Dawn French, and Jamie Oliver, among others, gave their congratulations to the Ramsay family.

The Ramsay’s, married in 1996, are parents to Megan, 24, twins Jack and Holly, 23, Tilly, 22, and 4-year-old Oscar. In a September interview, Gordon hinted at Tana’s desire for another child, humorously expressing his reservations. He teased, “I’ve got a little secret… Tana wants another one,” playfully addressing concerns about being the oldest parent at school.

As the Ramsays embrace their expanded family, the birth of Jesse James brings both joy and reflection on the journey that led them to this significant moment.

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