Greg Davies’ love life revealed and his former relationship with Labour politician

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Greg Davies has long been a star, making audiences burst into laughter with his towering presence and impeccable comedic timing. Yet, behind the laughter lies a tale of romance that few knew about – his eight-year relationship with Labour Party politician Liz Kendall.

The relationship began in 2007 and endured until 2015, a year marked not only by their separation but also by Kendall’s bid for the Labour Party leadership. Their relationship remained a well-guarded secret, the details shrouded in mystery until recently.

The Breakup and Political Shift

The year 2015 was not only significant for Kendall’s political aspirations but also for the end of her relationship with Greg. As the political gears were turning in the run-up to the General Election, the couple decided to part ways. In an interview with The Mirror, Kendall stated, “We are not together anymore, but we remain really good friends.”

Greg was in a relationship with Liz Kendall

Post-breakup, Greg Davies took a humorous approach to matters of the heart during an appearance on The Graham Norton Show in 2021. Recounting a comical incident involving his grandfather accidentally interrupting an intimate moment, Davies quipped, “It’s not for me, romance… that was the day I gave up on romance.” While his love life took a backseat, his career soared to new heights, especially with his role as the imposing headteacher in The Inbetweeners and as the enigmatic Taskmaster.

In the aftermath of the split, Kendall embraced her public image with grace, saying, “I am not going to be the sort of politician who does all that stuff about their private life because it’s very precious to me.” Despite the end of their romantic entanglement, the bond between Davies and Kendall transformed into a lasting friendship.

Davies & Kendall are still good friends

Fast forward to 2023, and both have taken different paths. While Davies remains tight-lipped about his current relationship status, Kendall made headlines by announcing her decision to step back from politics two years ago and pursue motherhood at the age of 50 via a surrogate. This revelation followed her struggles with miscarriages and unsuccessful attempts to conceive naturally.

Although Greg Davies is no longer entwined romantically with Kendall, the memory of their eight-year relationship lingers as a testament to the mysterious facets of the comedian’s life that often escape the public eye.

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