Gregg Wallace dad-shamed after hilarious”Alan Partridge-esque” daily routine gets slated online

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Gregg Wallace, the charismatic MasterChef judge, has left the public scratching their heads after revealing his Saturday routine in a column for The Telegraph. His account of a day that kicks off at 5 am has sparked an online frenzy, with many dubbing it “more Alan Partridge than Alan Partridge himself.”

Wallace doesn’t believe in the luxury of a weekend lie-in, preferring to start his day immersed in literature. “I wake up at the same time every morning. I’ll read for an hour – right now it’s A Gentleman In Moscow by Amor Towles – then I’ll make myself a coffee and check emails,” he shared, setting the tone for his unconventional day.

Transitioning seamlessly into his health routine, Wallace admits to a five-day-a-week workout regimen, even persuading gym staff to open up early for his private swim and sauna session. “Ok, who is opening up their Fitness First early to let in Gregg Wallace?” tweeted one amused user.

Gregg Wallace reveals his Saturday to bemused readers.

Despite the early morning hustle, Wallace makes it clear there’s “no sweating” during his treadmill session, where he works towards an ambitious 50,000 steps per week goal. “I’m now 12 stone [having lost five stone] and I have less than 18 per cent body fat and a six-pack, but I have a belly that bloats. I guess we all have our imperfections,” he candidly revealed. Another user queried, “Imagine being that person at the gym who has to get there half an hour early so Gregg Wallace can have a solitary swim.” Following the workout, Wallace ventures to the local Harvester for an unexpected breakfast rendezvous with his PA, indulging in bacon, sausage, and a fried egg.

Gregg likes to vigorously check how many sign-ups he has on his fitness website as part of his Saturday routine.

Engaging in business discussions during breakfast, Wallace delves into podcasts with his new health and well-being podcast, A Piece of Cake. Sharing his passion for the project, he said, “I love chatting to the experts, but I’m quite the expert too, having been journalling, manifesting, goal-setting and reading self-help books for years.”

After his feast at the Harvester, quality time with his non-verbal autistic son, Sid, follows. providing a glimpse into Wallace’s personal life. Gregg honestly explains, “I’m a much better father now I’m older, although another child isn’t something that I would have chosen at my age.”

“I was always very honest with Anna, but it’s what she wanted and I love her.”

“I just requested two things – that we had help in the house (so her mum moved in), and secondly that we had at least one week a year when we holidayed just the two of us.”

X Users Lay Into Gregg For “Not wanting his son”

This outraged some readers. One commented:  “Amazing. Demands early access to the gym, gets his wife’s name wrong, admits to not wanting his son…”. While another quipped, “Not quite father of the year.”

The Twitterverse erupted with reactions, calling Wallace’s routine “Partridge-esque” and questioning various aspects of his day. The Harvester breakfast followed by lunch at home, alongside two hours of gaming in his office at the expense of his son, certainly didn’t amuse many.

Gregg’s admission of meeting his PA at a Harvester drew parallels with Alan Partridge and his assistant, Lynn.

As the day winds down, Wallace, self-dubbed an “amateur historian,” indulges in strategic computer gaming for two hours. His culinary skills come to the fore as he takes charge of dinner preparations, emphasizing his preference for homemade meals over takeaways. The public couldn’t resist commenting on his unique approach to domestic duties. One said,  “He cooks for the family once a week – how absolutely wonderful of him.”

Closing the day at 8 pm, Wallace heads to bed, concluding his Saturday routine. Twitterati couldn’t resist drawing parallels with the fictional character Alan Partridge, with comments like “This is peak Partridge!” and “Is this real? It’s astonishing. Like he’s tried to win a competition for out-Partridging Partridge.”

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