Happy 81st birthday Billy Connolly! Here he is ripping into Boris Johnson

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Today marks the 81st birthday of the legendary Billy Connolly, a man beloved for his wit and unfiltered humour. In celebration of this milestone, we delve into Connolly’s take on politics, and his thoughts on the chaotic Boris Johnson. This seems fitting amidst the ongoing COVID situation and Nigel Farage’s recent criticism of the former Prime Minister.

Nigel Farage, currently on I’m A Celebrity, didn’t hold back when asked about his experiences working with Boris Johnson. According to Farage, Johnson is “one of the most disorganised human beings that possibly ever lived.” The revelation came during a candid chat with fellow campmates, where Farage described Johnson as “entertaining in small doses” but ultimately a “shambles.”

Connolly Weighed In On Johnson During The Covid Period

Connolly, never one to shy away from political commentary, had his own scathing words for Boris back in 2020. The Scottish comic said, “Anybody who listens to Boris needs professional help. He’s a big silly toff.

Connolly laid into Boris Johnson in 2021.

“Britain’s been listening to big, silly toffs for years.

“It’s time they listened to themselves and got on with it.”

Connolly then added, “More people should listen to comedians, and fewer people should listen to politicians”.

As we celebrate Connolly’s 81 years of wisdom and laughter, it’s worth noting his perspective on politics: “The desire to be a politician should bar you for life from ever becoming one,” and the tongue-in-cheek advice, “Don’t vote. It just encourages them.”

In a recent episode of I’m A Celebrity, hosts Ant and Dec took a light-hearted jab at Farage, referencing his controversial GB News show. The cheeky banter only added to the spectacle, with Ant and Dec playfully apologising to GB News viewers for Farage’s absence from his hosting duties. The move, however, received its share of backlash, as more than 1,000 people lodged complaints, expressing their discontent with the show’s decision to feature Farage.

Now, as we navigate the complex political landscape, Billy Connolly’s take on politicians seems like a Simpson’s future prediction – something the American cartoon comedy has a knack of doing.

The Scottish comedy legends celebrates his 81st birthday today.

As we wish Billy Connolly a joyous 81st birthday, let’s reflect on his enduring legacy. The Big Yin has created a legacy that includes not only uproarious laughter but also insightful observations. In Connolly’s world, laughter is not just a remedy; it’s a revolution against the absurdity of political theatrics.

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