Holly Willoughby goes red after accidental sex confession live on air but responds with a joke Peter Kay would be proud of

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Holly’s amusing revelation

While participating in a discussion on ‘This Morning‘, Holly Willoughby amusingly revealed a personal detail. The conversation revolved around the observation that more babies are born during this time due to couples being more intimate during the colder months.

Matthew Wright elaborated, “You have the combination of Christmas and the cold. My dad used to say the best thing you can do in the winter is cuddle up and you always get more babies in the autumn.”

Holly Willoughby was left blushing on This Morning
Holly was initially left red-faced after her remark about Chester being conceived during the winter months

Without missing a beat, Holly interjected, “It’s actually Chester’s birthday on Friday.” As the studio filled with laughter, she humorously added, “The heating hadn’t gone on that winter.”

Colleagues join the fun

Immediately after, Ben Shephard remarked, “Happy Birthday to Chester. He’ll be thrilled we are talking about Christmas…” Matthew, intrigued, then posed the question: “Is there any truth to it?”

Clearly taken aback, Holly responded, “I couldn’t possibly say.”

Notably, Chester, Holly’s son, will be celebrating his ninth birthday this Friday. Additionally, Holly is also mother to Harry, 13, and Belle, 11, whom she shares with her husband, Dan Baldwin.

Overcoming her embarrassment, Holly quickly came back with the humorous comment: “The heating hadn’t gone on that winter.”

Holly Willoughby on motherhood and career

Nevertheless, Holly, a devoted mother, prefers to keep her children’s identities shielded from the public eye on social media. Previously, she had opened up about the challenges she faces juggling her demanding career with motherhood.

“I feel guilty about everything,” she candidly stated. “It’s totally normal. However, the main question is – where’s the guilt stemming from?”

Holly pictured with her husband Dan Baldwin and three children.

Continuing her thoughts on the matter, she expressed, “The guilt I feel is probably because I’m telling myself I favour my career over my children. Which, in reality, is far from the truth.”

She then questioned her own feelings, saying, “Why do I think this way? It’s probably because I assume that’s the general perception.”

Conclusively, Holly emphasised, “I undoubtedly love my children more than anything else in the world.”

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