Jack Whitehall shares photo of his partner with their newborn baby and jokes about potential name

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Congratulations are in order for Jack Whitehall and his partner, Roxy!

Stepping out of the expensive Lindo Wing at St Mary’s in London, doting dad Jack Whitehall, 35, and glowing mum Roxy Horner, 32, introduced their little bundle of joy to the world. By the looks of it, comedian Jack’s already taking to fatherhood.

Whisking his fans away in delight, Jack unveiled the heartwarming first snaps of his newest addition on Instagram. “Well this just happened! Over the moon and lost for words,” Jack gushed. Singing praises for Roxy, he added, “My hat’s off to @roxyhorner – she’s the real hero and going to be an ace mum.” The proud papa then quipped about becoming the typical dad, sharing every baby photo under the sun. And the baby’s name? Well, he cheekily suggested “rice, rice, baby” might be a contender.

Roxy Horner and Jack Whitehall with their newborn baby
Jack shared the news and photo of Roxy and baby Whitehall

Yet, it hasn’t all been smooth sailing for Roxy during her pregnancy journey. Battling symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD) in the final stretch, this Essex gem faced more than her fair share of hurdles. “It’s been a bumpy road, but thank heavens for mum,” Roxy shared. Longing for their baby girl’s arrival, she looked forward to saying goodbye to the pain and discomfort that had plagued her.

Jack Whitehall new born baby
A proud Jack holding his newborn baby

Jack, no stranger to the limelight, hasn’t shied away from sharing his pre-dad jitters. Speaking last month on Good Morning Britain, he confessed to feeling unprepared. “It’s a whole new ball game,” he remarked during a Heart Radio chat, admitting he needed to pull his socks up and mature a tad more. The lovebirds had sent the fans buzzing back in May when they broke the news of their little one’s impending arrival.

Their romance took off in sunny Australia in 2020, and love blossomed amidst lockdown in London. With Roxy navigating the challenges of her Type 1 diabetes diagnosis, she’s found unwavering support in Jack. “He’s been my rock,” she mused in a candid chat with Marie Claire.

With baby steps and loving company, she’s getting the hang of it all. Now, as they welcome their baby, this duo is all set for the next chapter of their story. The nation wishes them all the best!

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