Jennifer Lawrence’s nude scene in new comedy film release on Netflix shocks viewers

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence captivates audiences with a bold full-frontal nude scene in Netflix’s No Hard Feelings. In this daring romantic comedy, Lawrence portrays Maddie Barker, an Uber driver and bartender entangled in awkward romantic situations.

Mid-film, Maddie engages in a beach encounter with Percy Becker, a 19-year-old student portrayed by Andrew Barth Feldman. Stripped of her clothes, Maddie fights back, reclaiming her belongings from pranksters while completely naked. Fans express surprise and admiration for Lawrence’s audacious performance, buzzing on social media and astounded by her bold portrayal.

Jennifer Lawrence bares all going completely naked on beach secne in No Hard Feelings
Jennifer Lawrence’s x-rated scene in No Hard Feelings

Fans shared their opinions on X, with one saying: ‘Jennifer Lawrence is naked in No Hard Feelings? What the f**k.’

Another wrote: ‘Was not remotely paying attention to the movie I put on at work & all of a sudden I turn around to Jennifer Lawrence beating up teenagers naked on a beach & getting punched in the p***y.’

‘Never thought I’d see a naked Jennifer Lawrence body slam a kid on the beach but maybe nature is healing,’ joked another viewer.

Despite initial shock, Lawrence openly discussed her decision to go nude during the film’s promotion. While some fans questioned her choice, Lawrence remained unfazed, finding humour in the situation. “Everyone in my life and my team is doing the right thing and going, ‘Are you sure? Are you sure? Are you sure?’ I didn’t even have a second thought. It was hilarious to me,” she revealed in an interview with Variety.

A Jennifer Lawrence fan wasn’t quite sure on this bold move, writing, ‘To be 100[%] clear: I am a HUGE fan of J-Law — hell, one of the only JOY defenders out there — but her decision to run around buck naked on a beach suplexing teenagers in #NoHardFeelings is monumentally baffling. You won an OSCAR girl, what the hell made you say “yes” to that?’

No Hard Feelings, a film that revolves around Maddie’s unconventional efforts to help Percy gain romantic experience, received mixed reviews due to its crude humor and thin plot. Despite criticism, audiences and critics lauded Lawrence’s engaging on-screen presence.

Starring Benanti, Broderick, and Morales, the film made $87M against a $45M budget, marking modest success. Yet, The Daily Mail’s Brian Viner criticized the film’s charm and wit.

He said, ‘It’s a romantic comedy so feebly constructed, so lazily written, so devoid of wit and charm, that the ghost of Billy Wilder must be choking on his celestial cigar. Yet it is not without promise.’

Viner particularly noted the full-frontal nude scene indicates a lack of creativity in its execution: ‘[it] feels born of absolute desperation, as do some decidedly clunky moments of slapstick.’

Despite criticism, Lawrence’s fearless performance in No Hard Feelings leaves a lasting impression on global audiences.

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