Chase Star Jenny Ryan shocks fans with an unrecognisable throwback appearance on rival quiz show

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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In a surprising blast from the past, an old clip of The Chase star Jenny Ryan surfaced on a BBC quiz show, leaving fans utterly stunned. The quiz in question? Only Connect aired on BBC back in 2009, where a youthful Jenny Ryan showcased a markedly different look.

The throwback reveals The Vixen with shorter, dark hair and smaller glasses, contrasting her now-iconic appearance on The Chase. Known for her fiery red hair and ponytail, The Vixen’s transformation has captivated fans, prompting a wave of comments on social media platforms.

On Twitter, a user expressed, “Blimey didn’t recognise [her],” while another chimed in, “It took us a while before we realised it was that Jenny Ryan, but it was her accent and some of her facial expressions that finally gave it away”. Another follower noted, “Blimey, I didn’t recognise Jenny Ryan (aka The Vixen from The Chase) at first – she hasn’t got her trademark glasses and hairstyle.”

Jenny Ryan herself added to the debate, teasing the throwback episode on her Instagram. Alongside a photo from her Only Connect days, she wrote, “POV: It’s 2011 and your #OnlyConnect team are fighting to be crowned the champion of champions.”

Jenny Ryan’s remarkable rise to becoming quiz royalty

Interstingingly, before becoming the formidable Vixen on The Chase, Jenny’s journey in the quiz world began in 2003 on University Challenge. Over the years, she graced other shows like Mastermind and Are You an Egghead? Displaying her great quizzing skills.

However, it was in 2010, as part of team The Gamblers, that Jenny tasted victory on Only Connect. The throwback episode aired on BBC Two, featuring her alongside teammates Dave Bill and Alan Gibbs. Host Victoria Coren Mitchell reintroduced Jenny as a “law graduate who enjoys playing poker and bingo,” providing fans with a delightful blast from the past.

Jenny Ryan’s quiz journey has been amazing. From University Challenge to Only Connect, her diverse quiz experiences laid the foundation for her eventual role as The Vixen on The Chase. It’s a journey that has endeared her to fans, who enjoyed witnessing her earlier quiz days.

As The Vixen, Jenny Ryan has become a pivotal part of The Chase, captivating audiences with her sharp intellect and quick wit. The Vixen, a moniker chosen by host Bradley Walsh, perfectly encapsulates her cunning and clever quiz prowess, making her an essential asset to the popular ITV game show.

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