Jesse Lingard reveals unusual retirement plans – Watch out Sir David Jason!

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Jesse Lingard has revealed his surprising plans after retirement

Nothing should surprise you in the world of football, But nobody would have expected the revelation from Jesse Lingard, the former Manchester United and Nottingham Forest forward. Lingard, who won a collection of honours including the UEFA Europa League, FA Cup, FA Community Shield, and EFL Cup, has now set his sights on a completely different stage – the silver screen. Yes, you read that right. Lingard dreams of trading his football boots for the Hollywood spotlight as he embarks on becoming a comedy actor.

Before we delve into Lingard’s exciting plans, let’s take a look back at his career. His list of accomplishments includes being one of only three players to score in the finals of the FA Cup, FA Community Shield, and EFL Cup. Lingard’s rise to prominence began at Manchester United under the guidance of Louis van Gaal in 2015. He quickly became a mainstay in the squad until personal issues saw him struggling to regain his place. A transformative loan spell at West Ham United in 2021 revitalized his career, only to be followed by a brief return to Manchester United and, subsequently, a new chapter at Nottingham Forest.

In a surprising twist, Lingard recently unveiled his plans to venture into acting after hanging up his boots. The 30-year-old, in an interview with the Diary of a CEO podcast, confessed that his dreams go beyond the football pitch. Lingard’s aspirations are taking him to the realm of comedy and animation, as he envisions a future as an actor. He said, “After football, I want to go into acting. Maybe start doing a little bit of voiceover work, animation kind of things.”. It’s a departure from his on-field persona, but one that he seems determined to achieve.

Lingard played a pivotal role in Man Utd’s 2018 FA Cup triumph.

However, Lingard acknowledges that the transition won’t be a walk in the park. He recognises the need for training and is prepared to take drama classes to fine-tune his acting skills. Lingard admitted, “I need to really home in on the drama side of things – I’m really bad with lines to be honest. I think I’ll start in comedy first.”

Currently a free agent, he’s on the lookout for his next club. It’s a decision that could determine the trajectory of both his footballing and acting destiny. Lingard remains unfazed, powered by a vision that extends beyond the football pitch. His media company, rooted in the city of Los Angeles, hints at a transition from footballer to Hollywood actor. As he puts it, “That’s hopefully where eventually, hopefully, I want to finish football.”

In a world where footballers often become pundits or coaches after retiring, Jesse Lingard’s unexpected path certainly surprises many people. His determination to embrace a completely different career is commendable. We should look forward to seeing what happens on Lingard’s unique journey, and his potentially humorous antics on the screen.

Lingard spoke out on the Diary of a CEO podcast.

While his upcoming intentions might be sorted, his current priority is securing a new team and ending his career positively.

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