Jimmy Tarbuck found guilty of hit and run near to his £5.5m home just days after his sister’s funeral

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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British comedy star Jimmy Tarbuck, 83, has been found guilty of a hit-and-run accident just days after bidding farewell to his late sister. The incident occurred near his lavish £5.5 million home in Kingston Upon Thames, South West London, creating ripples in the entertainment world.

The veteran comedian, renowned for hosting iconic variety shows like Sunday Night At The London Palladium and Live From Her Majesty’s during the swinging 60s, found himself entangled in an incident that unfolded on May 15. Court documents reveal Tarbuck damaged several vehicles before making a swift exit from the scene, leaving onlookers stunned.

The Lavender Hill Magistrates’ Court delivered its verdict, slapping Tarbuck with a £716 fine and five penalty points. Additionally, he must pay £110 in costs and a £286 victim surcharge. The court heard that the crash happened just days after the comedian’s sister’s funeral, a fact that Bench chair Dr Samantha Cobb acknowledged, saying, “We fully accept he is full of remorse and deeply apologetic.”

Tarbuck Damaged A Number Of Vehicles

The hit-and-run incident unfolded on May 15 in Coombe Gardens, New Malden, a stone’s throw from Tarbuck’s residence. Rather unusually, Tarbuck pleaded guilty to the charges by post. To further express his remorse, he also sent a letter of apology to the court.

Jimmy Tarbuck was a huge star in the 60s and 70s.

Prosecutor Laura-Ann Harding outlined the events, stating, “The defendant drove a vehicle without due care and attention, colliding heavily into stationary vehicles, causing severe damage. An accident occurred with another vehicle, a Vauxhall Corsa, and they failed to stop, give their name, and address.”

Footage from a Ring doorbell captured the shocking incident, revealing Tarbuck’s two-litre green Lexus smashing into a parked black car. The impact caused Tarbuck’s vehicle to lift off the road, narrowly missing another parked car. The comedian was caught on camera driving away from the scene, leaving behind a trail of damaged vehicles.

Court Acknowledged Emotional Circumstances May Have Played Role

In court, Dr Samantha Cobb acknowledged Tarbuck’s mitigation, emphasising the atypical nature of the incident compared to his character. She highlighted the recent loss of Tarbuck’s sister, which might have played a role in the comedian’s actions.

Tarbuck, often affectionately known as ‘Tarby,’ rose to fame as a versatile entertainer, hosting popular game shows such as ‘Winner Takes All’ and ‘Tarby’s Bar.’ Despite his reduced television appearances in recent years, his contributions to the entertainment industry remain significant.

Jimmy with his daughter Liza back in 2001.

The 83-year-old, a devoted Liverpool Football Club supporter and Conservative Party advocate, has three children, including actress Liza. Born in Liverpool, Tarbuck married Pauline in 1959, and the couple resides in Coombe, Kingston upon Thames, London.

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