Katie Hopkins blasted for vile and horrifying post about Kate Garrayway’s husband

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Katie Hopkins has once again ignited a firestorm of controversy, leaving x users and others utterly mortified with a recent video targeting Kate Garraway and her late husband, Derek Draper.

Katie Hopkins is no stranger to stirring the pot, but her latest attack has taken things to a new low. In a video posted on X, she falsely claimed that ITV was set to air a documentary titled “Life after Derek,” accompanied by a book release from Garraway. The truth, however, is that neither the documentary nor the book exists. Hopkins callously laughed and sipped red wine, remarking, “he’s only been dead a week.”

The video, viewed over four million times, sparked immediate outrage. Broadcaster Lorraine King branded Hopkins a “sick person,” while comedian Dom Joly labelled her a “total grifter” with “zero empathy.” Social media users joined the chorus, denouncing the comments as “horrible.”

Katie Hopkins is drinking Red Wine whilst laughing throughout her video.

Katie Hopkins Faces Backlash For Vile Words

This incident comes after Hopkins’ reinstatement on X, previously known as Twitter, in 2023, following a ban in 2020 for violating rules on “abuse and harmful contact.” The controversial figure had been permanently banned for her inflammatory remarks, including comparing migrants to cockroaches.

Kate Garraway, a respected Good Morning Britain presenter, is enduring immense grief following the recent death of her husband Derek Draper, who battled long-term effects of COVID-19 for almost four years. Derek’s heartbreaking struggle garnered widespread public support, making Hopkins’ mockery even more despicable.

Piers Morgan, a former colleague of Garraway, swiftly condemned Hopkins, calling her “despicable.” Comedian Dom Joly echoed the sentiment, describing Hopkins as a “pure sociopath” lacking empathy.

In her moment of vulnerability, Garraway has found solace in the overwhelming support from friends, fans, and colleagues. The public has rallied behind her, expressing outrage at Hopkins’ heartless comments. This incident has highlighted the strength of the public’s empathy, proving that even in the face of cruelty, compassion prevails.

Kate Garraway is receiving support after the tragic loss of her husband, Derek.

As Kate Garraway navigates through the pain of losing her beloved husband, she is not alone. The solidarity shown by those who condemn Hopkins’ vile comments serves as a powerful reminder that, in the online world, empathy can triumph over cruelty. Kate’s courage in the face of adversity and the immense support she has received are beacons of hope against the darkness that figures like Katie Hopkins attempt to spread.

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