Katie Price unleashes on ‘Two-Faced’ Phillip Schofield, spills beans on her Holly Willoughby feud

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Katie Price has never been one to hold back, and this time she’s dishing out some piping-hot gossip about two of TV’s beloved hosts. The former glamour model took to TikTok to reveal that This Morning’s Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby might not be her biggest fans.

The 45-year-old star hinted at a possible rift with Holly and Phillip in a candid TikTok live stream. Katie previously suggested that her ex-husband, Peter Andre, might be the reason behind their alleged lack of warmth towards her. And it seems the situation isn’t any better with the recently departed Phillip either.

“Phillip Schofield didn’t like me either,” Katie revealed to her followers during the live stream, as reported by the Mirror. But she didn’t stop there – Katie expressed her frustration with the entertainment industry, calling out the prevalence of two-faced individuals who appear friendly on camera but might not be so pleasant behind the scenes.

Katie claims that Holly is not a fan of her

As a seasoned veteran of the industry, since she was 17, Katie has witnessed numerous pop bands, girl groups, and models come and go. She believes that authenticity sets her apart from the manufactured personas of others. “At least I am genuine; what you see is what you get, literally,” she proudly stated.

When questioned about Holly Willoughby’s feelings towards her, Katie didn’t hesitate to blame her past relationship with Peter Andre. She suggested that Holly’s friendship with her ex might be the reason behind any perceived dislike. “That’s why she doesn’t like me, must be. A lot of people are, as they say, ‘Team Pete,'” Katie speculated, as reported by MailOnline.

But Katie isn’t letting anyone’s opinions dampen her spirits. She has five children and a successful career and’s learned to brush off the negativity. She knows that time has moved on since her marriage to Peter Andre, and she’s focusing on her journey.

Katie Price is no stranger to making headlines; this week was no exception. She recently stirred controversy when she candidly described her daughter Princess as “ugly” during a podcast interview. As always, Katie’s unfiltered honesty keeps her in the spotlight, leaving her fans eager to know what she’ll reveal next.

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