Lee Mack’s brutal swipe at Robbie Williams left him “Hurt”

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Pop icon Robbie Williams admitted feeling “hurt” by comedian Lee Mack’s unapologetic joke at his expense. The incident dates back to the 2000s when Lee Mack took a swipe at Williams during one of his comedy performances, branding the singer as “smug.”

On Rob Brydon’s Spotify podcast, Brydon & Wondery, Williams recounted the incident, stating, “So Lee Mack had this bit in his show; it was about me, and it was spot on.” According to Williams, Mack teased him with the words, “Look at me Robbie Williams, smug as f**k. You know, go on, you sing, sing it. You know I paid £80 for this ticket Robbie.” While Williams acknowledged the humour, he confessed, “It made me laugh, but it also hurt me a little bit.”

This isn’t the first time Lee Mack has raised eyebrows with his sharp wit. Previously, during the National Television Awards, Mack made a risky joke about diversity that raised a few eyebrows. Accepting an award for the quiz show The 1% Club, he declared, “This proves diversity targets are really working. It doesn’t matter if you’re 5ft6 or 7ft 9, it’s for everyone.” The quip received mixed reactions, with Mack acknowledging it didn’t get the desired reception.

The comedian made the joke on Rob Brydon’s podcast, “Brydon & Wondery”.

Lee Mack is no stranger to controversy.

In the same speech, Mack made light of receiving a trophy shaped like a sex toy from Lioness Jill Scott, causing laughter from the audience. Despite the controversy stirred by his jokes, fans swiftly rallied behind the comedian, vehemently dismissing calls for his cancellation.

Social media was flooded with supportive messages for Lee Mack, with users debunking rumours of cancel culture targeting the comedian. @missAHxx tweeted, “Ohhh f*** right off and get in the bin if you think Lee Mack should be cancelled.” Meanwhile, @siadwel1 expressed, “F*** me, I’m woke, apparently, and I’ve just got to say that I love Lee Mack’s comedy. Long may he continue. I f**** hate the Daily Mail though.”

It seems controversies are nothing new for Lee Mack, who has built a career on his quick wit and often edgy humour. While Williams may have been “hurt” by Mack’s jest, it’s evident that the comedian’s fanbase remains robust, defending their beloved entertainer against the tides of cancel culture.

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