Lily Allen calls out Jimmy Carr and Jonathan Ross alongside Russell Brand for sexual abuse controversy

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Lily Allen has taken a stand against Russell Brand, Jimmy Carr, and Jonathan Ross for their inappropriate comments during a 2007 episode of The Big Fat Quiz of the Year. The incident recently resurfaced after new sexual assault allegations against Russell Brand.

In a new revelation, Jonathan Ross, during the show, moved Lily Allen away from Russell Brand and Noel Fielding, referring to her as “the only sexually attractive young lady” on the panel, placing her in the so-called “sexless zone” for protection. This move set the stage for a series of insensitive comments.

As Noel Fielding defended the decision, Jimmy Carr questioned his choice of wearing a cape, prompting a bizarre exchange about capes and crimes. “He wasn’t a rapist; he was a serial murderer,” Russell Brand chimed in, attempting to downplay the gravity of the comments.

Allen Describes Incident As “Horrendous”

Lily Allen, now 38, spoke to Grazia about the incident. “[There was a clip] where I was on a chat show with Russell Brand and Noel Fielding and Jonathan Ross. And there are comments, I think, about me being raped or something. And I laugh along with it. In retrospect, that’s really horrendous,” she told the publication.

Allen appeared on “The Big Fat Quiz Of The Year” in 2007.

She added: “It makes me uncomfortable, but I don’t think I felt that at the time, because it was the culture.”

This incident gained renewed attention as Russell Brand faced new sexual assault allegations this month. Representatives for Brand, Carr, Fielding, and Ross did not respond to inquiries, leaving the matter unresolved.

The resurfacing of this clip underscores the broader issue of inappropriate behaviour in the entertainment industry. Lily Allen’s call-out adds to the ongoing conversation about the need for accountability in the industry.

In September, a joint investigation by The Sunday Times, The Times, and Channel 4’s Dispatches revealed four accusations of sexual assault against Russell Brand, including one involving rape. The comedian has vehemently denied all allegations, insisting that his relationships were consensual.

As the controversy surrounding Russell Brand continues, the impact on his professional life is evident. Channel 4 has removed shows featuring Brand, such as Big Brother’s Big Mouth and The Great British Bake Off, from its website. The BBC has also taken down footage of Brand, and YouTube has suspended ads on his videos.

New accusations have surfaced about Russell Brand’s behaviour.

Allegations Continue Against Brand

This incident with Lily Allen sheds light on the importance of reassessing past behaviour. Furthermore, it mainly seems more poignant in the context of the #MeToo movement. It emphasises the need for accountability and serves as a reminder that insensitive comments can have lasting repercussions.

As the BBC grapples with these allegations, it raises questions about the responsibility of platforms in addressing such matters. The ongoing investigations and content removal underscore the industry’s commitment to creating a safer environment for everyone.

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