Live on BBC: Stephen Fry Declares “Brexit is undoubtedly a catastrophe”

Gemma Thomas
Gemma Thomas
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Stephen Fry’s 10 second summary of Brexit

Stephen Fry didn’t waste any time on Sunday morning when he swiftly summarised Brexit in just over 10 seconds, prompting a quick interjection from Laura Kuenssberg. Many recognise Stephen Fry as a national treasure, having earned this title through years of entertainment. Nevertheless, his candid comments about Brexit on Sunday caught many by surprise.

In a telling segment on the BBC, Stephen Fry gave a scathing overview of Brexit’s implications. While Brexit has acted as a warning sign for other EU nations since 2016, no other country has ventured down the same path. Moreover, public sentiment in the UK is increasingly negative about the decision to part ways with the EU.

Stephen Fry states Brexit is a failure
Laura Kuenssberg needed to jump in, reminding viewers that “some people would disagree” with Stephen Fry’s sweeping statement about Brexit.

Fry criticises Politicians for avoiding Brexit talks

Interestingly, Fry highlighted that many politicians now avoid discussing the divisive topic. Over the past decade, the Tories have primarily been defined by the Brexit decision, yet their enthusiasm for touting its advantages seems to have waned. Similarly, under Keir Starmer’s leadership, the Labour Party has sidestepped addressing the economic challenges post-Brexit. But Fry? He boldly addressed what many consider the ‘elephant in the room.’

He passionately stated, “But Brexit… we must mention Brexit. The Labour Party is afraid to mention it. It was a catastrophe – and everybody knows it deep in their bones. They know it, of course they do, and certainly the rest of the world knows it too. It is a clown-car crash.”

Presenter Laura Kuenssberg found herself in hot water earlier this year after allegedly breaching impartiality rules during a conversation about Gary Lineker

His comments were so forthright that Laura Kuenssberg needed to jump in, reminding viewers that “some people would disagree.” Nonetheless, Fry’s perspective undoubtedly adds to the ongoing, intense debate surrounding the UK’s decision to leave the EU.

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