Loved Hollyoaks star is axed after 10 years in the show

Gemma Thomas
Gemma Thomas
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The shock departure of one of Hollyoaks most loved characters has left fans reeling; the soap’s producers have axed the beloved character of Grace Black who has been in the show for ten years. This week saw the departure of the fearless gangster with her being sent to prison for a botched bank heist. Tamara Wall’s iconic portrayal of the feisty blonde won the hearts of viewers and many are saddened by the departure of this fan-favourite character.

Tamara confirmed that it was Hollyoaks’ choice to lose the character of Grace, rather than her decision to leave. The news surprised fans, since Grace is one of the show’s most popular characters. Tamara told OK Magazine: “It’s absolutely devastating. When I got told, I bawled my eyes out for three days, I was so upset – it’s been the best time of my life. “It wasn’t my decision, but I understand. It’s the name of the game, and Grace was going to get her comeuppance at some point. In the end, she probably deserved it. But I’m sure she’ll find her way out eventually, she’ll be back.”

The soap made clear that this was a definitive farewell for Grace, removing her from the opening titles and issuing a heartfelt tweet bidding adieu to the unforgettable gangster. “She’s an absolute LEGEND! It’s time to say goodbye to the one, the only, Grace Black!” the tweet read, expressing gratitude to Tam for bringing this iconic character to life on our screens throughout the years.

Tamara Wall who played the part Grace Black is upset to be leaving Hollyoaks

However, as with many departures of fan favourites, the news stirred up strong emotions among devoted viewers and even the show’s stars. The outpouring of sorrow and disapproval flooded social media, where fans lamented the loss of Grace and voiced their concerns about the decision to write her out.

Even former Hollyoaks actor, Duncan James, couldn’t hide his sadness, taking to Twitter to share his disappointment. He expressed his desire to see his friends Tamara Wall, and Rita Simons share the screen, referring to the former EastEnders star’s addition to the Channel 4 soap.

The reactions from fans echoed Duncan’s sentiment, with social media platforms buzzing with posts expressing their thoughts on the heart-wrenching departure of Grace Black from Hollyoaks.

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