Lucy Spraggan Reveals She Was Forced To Leave X Factor in 2012 After Being Raped

Gemma Thomas
Gemma Thomas
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In a courageous revelation, singer Lucy Spraggan has shared her traumatic experience of being raped in a hotel during her participation in the popular show ‘The X Factor’ in 2012. At the time, Spraggan, then 20 years old, was considered a favourite in the competition but unexpectedly withdrew after three weeks of live shows, citing illness as the reason.

Now, at the age of 31, Spraggan discloses the true cause of her departure in her upcoming memoir, “Process: Finding My Way Through.” She recounts a night out with fellow contestant Rylan Clark, after which she returned to her hotel intoxicated. It was during that night that a hotel worker gained access to her room and sexually assaulted her. Spraggan woke up the next day with an overwhelming sense of dread and confusion, recognising that she had been raped but struggling to process the experience.

In her book, Spraggan criticizes The X Factor’s production team for their lack of follow-up support in the aftermath of the trial that convicted the perpetrator. She reveals that no one from the show reached out to offer her assistance or mental health treatment, leaving her feeling isolated and unsupported.

However, Spraggan does commend show creator Simon Cowell for reaching out to her two years ago. Their conversation unexpectedly brought some healing to her wounded heart. She describes how her initial intention was to express her anger, but instead, Cowell’s words helped put her heart back together.

Lucy Spraggan has bravely admitted the real reason for leaving X Factor in 2012

A spokesperson for production company Fremantle expressed their condemnation of the horrific assault and acknowledged that they could have done more to support Spraggan during that difficult time. They stated that they have since made efforts to improve their aftercare processes and express deep regret for all that Spraggan has endured.

ITV, the broadcaster of The X Factor, emphasised their commitment to participants’ mental health and welfare in their programs. They acknowledged the duty of care of the production companies involved and expressed their compassion for Spraggan, praising her resilience and bravery.

Lucy Spraggan’s book, “Process: Finding My Way Through,” is scheduled for release on July 20. Her bravery in sharing her story sheds light on the importance of support and care for individuals who have experienced traumatic events.

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